The Passing of the Dark Act – Just a Minor Setback

dark act

Last year I talked about how Vermont passed a GMO labeling bill forcing ingredient labels to indicate all ingredients in any food product that come from Genetically Engineered crop. This was monumental for a couple reasons. Firstly, the bill was the first “stand-alone” state bill that passed, which means Vermont did not need neighboring states to also pass mandatory labeling laws before …

Malta’s Mysterious Underground


When most people think of  the Mediterranean Island of Malta, they think of an amazing vacation destination with awesome beaches and old building  that transports us back in time.  However, Malta is much more than that. On this beautiful island is a three storied underground monolithic structure called the Hypogeum of Hal Saflieni, which  many believe is …

Superfood Spotlight: Jackfruit


The goal of Unveiling Knowledge is to expose hidden truths about a wide array of topics– however, health based articles dominate the site as of late.  The reasoning is simple: we have collectively become a sickly people, largely because toxic chemicals have entered our environment at a staggering rate over the last few decades. Unfortunately, …

Is There a Vaccines-Autism Connection?


There are zero links between autism and vaccines; any doctor or scientist that claims otherwise, are simply charlatans, snake oil salesmen, or con artists. Or is that what the FDA, pharmaceutical industry and allopathic medicine as a whole would like us all to believe? This statement is fundamentally and patently a lie. This is not …

Vaccine Shedding, the Recent Outbreaks and Propaganda


Every time there is an out break of a disease for which there is a vaccine, we get bombarded almost instantaneously from the media blasting story after story on how the outbreak is clearly and unequivocally due to unvaccinated people. The stories’ narratives vary in how much condemnation they hurl at those that don’t vaccinate. …

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