The Ancient Origins of The Law of Attraction.

I often find myself talking to others about the power of the Law of Attraction– the principle of ‘like energies can only attract like energies’. In fact, I briefly went over this in my last article, when talking about how important it is to be aware of your thoughts and emotions. However, the Law of …


Spiritual Revolution

I recently came across a 2011 interview of Rainn Wilson (from the TV show the office) where he talks about how he sees a spiritual revolution coming. I really enjoyed watching Rainn and his fellow cast mates in the office but I have new-found respect for him after watching this short video. He points out …


Free Country?: The GMO Labeling Wars

Most Americans have been brought up to believe that we are the most free country in the world and repeat this with little thought or hesitation. I believe that at one point this was certainly the case, but sadly is not any more. There are some fundamental rights or freedoms that a person living in a truly free society should have. …


Doctor, Please Don’t Kill Me

By A. Phoenix Doctor, please don’t kill me. This is not a joke. It is not sarcasm. It is not meant to be inflammatory. It is a legitimate request. And while we’re at it, can you please not harm me either? I would strongly prefer not to be intimidated, belittled, or coerced into any medical …


The 6 Most Amazing Uses for Hemp that Can Change the World

Hemp has been vilified for decades and when the U.S. government enacted the prohibition of its cousin, Cannabis, they decided to group the two together and ban both. There is zero reason for this prohibition of Hemp, because unlike Cannabis, Hemp doesn’t produce THC– in other words it can not get you high. Even though its prohibition is portrayed as …


Fluoride: Poisoning Water Supply Since the 1940’s

For the first time in fifty years, the government of the United States is lowering the level of fluoride in our water supply. This is a clear win for society and a step in the right direction. However, simply lowering the fluoride in the water is not enough. As you will see in this article, sodium fluoride is very …


Unintended Consequences

Ignorance of the unintended consequences of our actions does not absolve us from responsibility for those unintended consequences. Take the simple things.  Things everyone has to do because it’s a biological fact of our existence.  We have to blow our nose and wipe our butts.  The human body exudes a number of wastes and one …

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