False Flag: A Psychological Operation

False Flag

Anyone that considers themselves a student of history understands that the world has always been ruled by a few “powerful” people. Sometimes it is very overt and in our face, like a dynasty of Kings, Queens, Emperors or Pharaohs coming from the same bloodline ruling a country. Sometimes it is very covert and hidden like it …


Monsanto’s Summer Setbacks- Not as they Seem

Over the last month or so, there have been many articles about Monsanto that seem as if they could be beneficial for us common people. I started seeing articles about how Monsanto is trying to buy or merge with European chemical giant Syngenta, but being denied by them. The world seemed to receive a big win when Syngenta rejected Monsanto’s …


The Claim of Eradication

Whenever an article starts gaining popularity that does not praise vaccines as the greatest medical innovation of the last thousand years, you will hear many say things like “Sure, lets just let small pox and polio come back”. They say this like it is a scientific certainty that vaccines eradicated these diseases and to question it is …


Why Push Mandates for a Product with No Liability?

By A. Phoenix Pro-vaccine groups are absolutely correct when they say vaccine science is settled. The Supreme Court ruled in 1986(1) that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe” and created a law that shields vaccine manufacturers from all liability in regards to the injuries caused by vaccines. Otherwise, vaccine makers were going to stop making vaccines. Too …


Organic vs. GMO: Food Fight

Monsanto’s GMO seeds and the deadly chemicals that are sprayed on them is something I have spent a lot of time writing about, so I figured it was time to actually explain the difference between GMO seeds and organic seeds. In hindsight, this should have probably been written before the Monsanto series, however, it is never too late to discuss the half-truths, misinformation and outright lies …

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