US and Russia Exchange Sanctions

In response to sanctions imposed on Russia by the US, after Russia annexed Crimea last March, Russia decided to impose their own set of sanctions. The Moscow Times announced these sanctions in an article yesterday, July 30. According to the report, individuals can bring food from the west that are for personal use. However, the Kremlin release …


Search Warrant of Dr. Bradstreet’s Clinic- Another Example of FDA Protecting Big Pharma

What if the governmental agency tasked with ensuring the pharmaceutical drugs were both effective and safe for public use, was instead protecting the pharmaceutical industry by going after doctors who were curing disease with holistic or “alterative” treatments? To some, this is just a crazy conspiracy theory. However, the official search warrant for the FDA raid of Dr. Bradstreet’s clinic has …


Stan Meyer’s Water Powered Car

The Petroleum/Oil industry has situated itself to make all mankind completely dependent on it. Outside of a relatively few electronic cars, the entire world needs the industry to travel. Fuel for vehicles is not the only byproduct of Petroleum that we use a massive amount of. Petroleum is also used to make plastics, as well as a several products that …


California Not Done Trying to Pass Mandatory Vaccine Laws

In 2012, Dr. Richard Pan, a former assemblyman from Sacramento, proposed a bill entitled ab 2109. This bill caused quite an uproar by proposing to raise our already world-leading vaccine schedule. The public outrage then began because many thought the bill (which has passed and become law) was going to take away parent’s right to decide what medical procedures and treatments to give …


7 Natural Antibiotics that Should be in Every Home

It seems the overuse of man-made synthetic antibiotics has opened the door for the current “super bacteria” problem facing our culture. What has happened is the bacteria have evolved to become resistant to these man-made antibiotics. The industries answer to nature adapting to our synthetic antibiotics? Is always to make more  man-made synthetic antibiotics to …


Three “Alternative” or Holistic Doctors from Florida Found Dead in a 10 Day Span

There has been a decisive push to mandate vaccines to all Americans without any exemptions. In California, for instance, they passed a bill and quickly signed it into law, which states that the only exemption allowed to enter any public school (daycare through high school) is the medical exemption. Dr. Mercola’s article on the ramifications of this law explains how hard …


The “Dirty Dozen” and the “Clean Fifteen”

The Environmental Working Group once again analyzed the pesticide residue testing data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Food and Drug Administration on 50 popular domestic and imported GMO produce items. Their finding once again showed the importance of avoiding GMO foods. However, before we dive into the specific findings lets look at the list …


Coincidences Everywhere

by A. Phoenix When it comes to coincidences, do you think they are meaningful? I watch shows about police trying to catch murders, rapists and thieves quite a bit And when a cop finds out, hey, this suspect was at the site of the crime right around the time that it happened … Do they …

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