The Need for Self-Sustainability

Tuesday, marked the release of the first Unveiling Knowledge YouTube video. It discusses the problems of today’s world, particularly, the many parasitic systems that are in place to regulate how we live our lives. At the end of the video I bring up how we are at a tipping point and need to focus on maintaining positive …


One Step Closer to a World Without Monsanto

Readers of this site, particularly those that have read my article on Monsanto, know I believe they are one of the most evil corporations in the world. Therefore, a giant smile encompasses my face when they have setbacks because they need to be shut down for the betterment of humanity. As of late, they have gotten crushed …


29 Holistic Doctors Poisoned at German Conference

Over the Labor Day weekend, 29 holistic doctors attended a Holistic Medical Conference in Hamburg, Germany. The conference abruptly ended when the doctors began showing signs of amphetamine poisoning. In total, 15 ambulances came to transport the doctors, who were experiencing symptoms including delusions, breathing problems, racing hearts and cramps. Some of which were life threatening symptoms and a …


School District Becomes First to Serve ALL Organic Meals

The Sausalito Marin City School District became the first school district in the nation to serve only organic and non-GMO meals. According to the nonprofit called Turning Green, the two schools in the school district began their all organic meals on the August 27th, 2015. Turning Green and The Conscious Kitchen started a pilot program in …

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