The Mysteries of Nazca, Peru

Barren, inhabitable and wasteland are reasonable ways to describe the Nazca Plateau in southern Peru. This desert-coastal region receives virtually no rainfall, so a high concentration of people have never, nor will ever live in this area. However, this plateau is home to some of the best evidence for a long-lost advanced civilization the world …


Monsanto’s CEO Uses Industry Propaganda to Counter the Mounting Concerns from the Public

Monsanto’s CEO Hugh Grant went on “CBS This Morning” earlier today to discuss all the concerns people have about the corporations practices and products. This article will discuss all the talking points of that interview and his responses. The first talking point was the Safety of GMO crops, to which Grant used the standard Monsanto misinformation for …


Natural Grocers: The Grocery Store of the Future

The number of people becoming more conscious of what they put into their bodies is growing more by the day– and with it, people are trading in a diet full of processed foods with dangerous ingredients (most of which you can’t even pronounce), for a healthy diet with organic, whole foods. The unfortunate thing is GMO crops have traditionally been much cheaper than organic …

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