Oil Prices Plummet: Signs of Economic Warfare?

Today a very small percentage of people who deem themselves  the “ruling class” have become de facto rulers, pulling strings from behind the scenes. Their modus operandi is to set up systems that depend on finite resources. If they get the rest of us to believe our society can not run with out said resources, …


New Study Debunks Stereotype about Cannabis

Since the 1930’s, starting with a movie called Reefer Madness, there has been a propaganda campaign to show marijuana in a very bad light. Today, it is not nearly as bad as it was in the 1930’s when the government was trying to ban hemp and its cousin cannabis to protect big business. Nevertheless, there …


Monsanto’s Rough Start for 2016

Anyone who has read articles on this site about Monsanto, knows I agree with “the most evil corporation” label they have acquired.  You will also know that I constantly express my belief that more people are waking up to Monsanto’s dangerous products, which will lead to their ultimate demise. In fact, in my latest article about …


New Years COLLECTIVE Resolutions- Part 1 Our Health

Personalized New Years resolutions are something we all hear about this time of year. Whether the resolution is simple and easy to carry out or one that is drastic and seemingly far-fetched to others, it is always a good idea to want to set goals with the intent to make you evolve as a person …

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