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The rhetoric from Planned Parenthood’s president Cecile Roberts has, as many would expect, changed drastically since the first video was released. It started off sounding like this: “the videos are highly edited and we don’t sell fetal organs or tissue.”.  Once people started realizing the videos were edited to make them shorter, and the full videos are also on the web, the rhetoric once again changed. This time to “well, we are paid for the organs but it is only to cover the cost of shipping them.”

Although the prior videos show this to be a lie, this video blows that claim out of the water. In the introduction showing the testimony of the former head of the mega clinic, she states they would make 5,000 dollars a day on this operation! There is no possible way it cost 5,000 a day to pay for the shipping process.

The rest of the video nails the coffin shut on this claim.

The executive being secretly interviewed states that her job is to find ways to diversify revenue sources for the organization. She also goes over paying more depending on how intact the specimen is and that they will change the doctors technique to ensure better recovery results. The most expensive being fully intact fetal cadavers. They simply itemize each fetal body part and sell them. The money made from selling body parts clearly has far more purpose than just covering preservation and delivery costs.