I have never considered myself someone who is an expert on any subject. I do however, consider my self very knowledgeable on a wide range of subjects. This is because I’m a Sagittarian and as such am naturally curious and when a subject peaks my curiosity I will spend a lot of time finding as much information on it as I can. Often  these subjects have a lot of money and power involved so there is plenty of conflicting information (often coming from people paid a lot of money to spread propaganda)on it making it often difficult to get down to the actual truth . When I say  power I am talking about the owning anything that gives people a lot of control over other people , such as food or oil. Most of my articles will focus on things that fall into this category and my research almost always leads me to the conclusion that what we are lead to believe is truthful information — be it on the TV, from “corporate” scientific studies or from the world governments  themselves — are total fabrications.

All I ask is that when you to read the articles do so with an open mind and use your intuition, logic and critical thinking abilities, because a lot of these things also sounded crazy to me at first too.

And I don’t take my word on anything, always research for yourself .

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