Part one of this series talked about how the Monarchical System overtly ruled over most of the world in the past. This system is nothing more that than an Oligarchy going by a different name. Moreover, it talked about how in today’s America we believe the Monarchical Rule is a relic long-lost to the past.

However, I proposed a premise that this European Oligarchy is still very much in charge of America. The European Oligarchy, who have ruled under the guise of a Monarchical Society, are now simply doing it covertly instead of overtly.

There are a multitude of examples showing this covert rule is happening today. Although, his series focuses on the genealogy of the presidents to show it. More specifically, the first part of the series , The Washington Connection, is looking at every Presidents direct connection to Washington.

As we work our way from newest to oldest president, we will start to see this is not a case of every president being a distant relative of Washington. In fact, it is quite the contrary. Many of Washington’s direct ancestors  are also direct ancestors of multiple Presidents.

As you continue reading, keep in mind, this is not an extremely deep look into the President’s ancestors. It is simply looking at each Presidents first connection with the first president.

Part 2 picks up with President Taft.

*** As noted in the first article, the hyperlinks from charting the first relationship to Washington may change as they find closer relationships in the future. However, as of now (the time I am writing this) these are the first relationships that are known. Therefore, if you click on a hyperlink and it is different than described in the section, know that the connection was charted when this was first written. So, the relationships are indeed correct even if the hyperlink changes in the future. 


Taft is 9th cousin 3 times removed with Washington!

Joan Mary Ludlow married five times. Her marriage to Honorable John Reed, Sheriff of Norfolk produced a son named William Reade, Esq., of Wickford. William was the 6th great-grandfather of Washington. Joan’s first marriage was to William Read. The couple had a son named Rev. William Reade, who was the 9th great-grandfather of Taft.

This is a little confusing because of the closeness in the last names of the men she married, and how some sons have a slightly different spelling of their last names compared to their fathers. Therefore, I am not sure if this is because they changed the spelling after or that it is a mistake on the websites part– which would be understandable considering these people lived 5 centuries ago. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure, Joan Mary Ludlow was the 7th great-grandmother to Washington and the 10th to Taft.

Teddy Roosevelt 

Teddy is the 11th cousin four times removed from Washington!

This trip up the family tree takes us all the way back to the 14th century. So far, this is the furthest back we have had to go into Washington ancestry to find the first common ancestor between he and another president, but the siblings are pretty significant.

Washington’s 8th great-grandmother was  Alianore (the elder) Holland, Countess of March, Baroness of Cherleton. Her sister was Lady Margaret Holland, Duchess of Clarence, who was Roosevelt 12th great-grandparent. This makes the parents of Alianore and Margaret, Thomas Holland, 2nd Earl of Kent and Alice FitzAlan, Countess of Kent, the 9th great-grandparents of Washington and the 13th of Roosevelt.

Additionally, Alianore and Margaret, produced offspring that were all of extremely “high births”. However, Margaret produced the most prestigious branches of the family tree, by far. Of her 6 kids, 2 were dukes, 2 were Earle’s, and one was a countess. The sixth was  Joan Beaufort, Queen of Scots!

Joan married James I Stewart, King of Scots, on 12 February 1424, and the couple had 8 children. Of the 8 kids, 7– including the first 4 — where girls. The boy would become James II of Scotland, who is the grandfather of James IV of Scotland.  Therefore, Wilson and Clinton (who are both descendant James IV, the grandson of James II) are also a direct descendants of Joan Beaufort. Additionally, it also means both former presidents can traces his lineage back to Thomas Holland, 2nd Earl of Kent and Alice FitzAlan, Countess of Kent.

Moreover, Joyce Sutton (discussed in part one

This is remarkable for a few reasons. Firstly, again, we are only looking for the first ancestors that connect Washington and the other Presidents. Secondly, there are only 18 presidents from Teddy to Obama, and at least 7 of them can trace their lineage directly to this one couple!

However, it does not stop there…

Joan remarried  James Stewart, the Black Knight of Lorne, after James I was assassinated. James Stewart had a direct ancestor named Walter FitzAlan, who became the 1st High Steward of Scotland, (which is where the John Stewart’s Surname eventually came from). Walters brother,  William FitzAlan  was the 6th or 7th great-grandfather of  Joan’s grandmother, Alice FitzAlan. In other words, Joan and her 2nd husband were both direct descendants of  Walter and William FitzAlan’s parents, Alan Fitz Flaad and Adeline de Hesdin (this can be seen in the article linked with Walter). This is a pretty good example of how the oligarchy has intermarried inside their families to keep control of a region. Moreover, this intermarrying will be seen in more depth in future articles, as will the importance of the FitzAlan line.

However, lets get back to how Joan Beaufort’s 2nd marriage to James Stewart  pertains directly to this article. The couple produced a son named John Stewart, 1st Earl of Atholl, who Teddy is a direct descendant of. So, not only is he related to Thomas Holland, and Alice FitzAlan, his lineage comes from their most illustrious grandchild’s line. Although, both Clinton and Wilson trump Teddy by being directly related to John Stewarts more prominent half-brother, James II of Scotland.


William McKinley was 11th cousin four times removed from Washington! Washington’s 8th great-grandson is Sir Richard Knollys, Knight, whose brother, Henry Moyle, is the 12th great-grandpa of McKinley. This makes their parents Sir Thomas Moyle, Knight of Chilham and Isabell Knollys direct ancestors of McKinley and Washington.

Additionally,  John C. Cooke, Sir is also part of this line, making Carter and Nixon direct descendants of Sir Thomas Moyle, Knight of Chilham and Isabell Knollys


Benjamin Harrison is George Washington’s fifth cousin thrice removed! This is a very close relationship involving Washington’s great-great-grandfather Lawrence Washington, Sr., Esq. of Sulgrave Manor, Mayor of Northampton, and Lawrence’s sister Anne Amy Richardson, who is Harrison’s 5th great-grandmother.

Ergo, this makes Washington and Harrison direct descendants the before mentioned sibling’s parents, Robert I Washington, Sr., Esquire of Sulgrave Manor and Elizabeth Washington.


Cleveland is Washington’s fifth cousin four times removed!

Washington’s 2nd great-grandma, on his mother’s side, is Mary Hannah Atherold (Vessey). Mary’s sister was Sybil Porter (Vessey), who was the 6th great-grandma of Cleveland. This makes the sibling parents Thomas I Vessey and Elizabeth Vessey are direct ancestors of Washington and Cleveland.

If you may recall, Coolidge is also a direct decedent of Thomas and Elizabeth.


Author closest relative to Washington makes him third great grandmother’s husband’s 6th cousin five times removed from Washington

This is a very distant relationship involving a marriage. However, Arthur is a direct descendant of William Ingleby, Kt. and Cecilia Ingleby,  For those of you that want to see the relationship to Washington, go back to Carter’s section in Part one, or keep reading.


Garfield is the 6th cousin five times removed from Washington!

Sir Robert Dymoke, Champion of England had 2 wives, Anne Dymoke and Jane Cressmore.  Washington is the 4th great-grandson of Robert and Anne. Whereas, Garfield is the 10th great-grandson of Robert and Jane.

This means that Washington, Carter, Arthur (Remember Cecilia Ingleby and Anne Dymoke are sisters) and Garfield are all related through Anne Dymoke or her sister Cecilia. Therefore, they all are direct descendants of the sister’s parents, Sir George Tailboys, Kt. and Lady Elizabeth Tailboys (Gascoigne).

It should also be noted that Lady Elizabeth is the grand child of William Gascoigne, XIII, IVth Lord of Gawthorpe, who’s discussed next.


Hayes is the 10th cousin once removed from Washington!

William Gascoigne, XIII, IVth Lord of Gawthorpe is the 7th great-grandfather of Washington. His sister was Anne Hasting, who was the 8th great grand-mother of Hayes. This means their parents, William Gascoigne, XII and Margaret Fitzwilliam, are the 8th and 9th great-grand parents of Washington and Hayes, respectively.

**The connection has been updated to this:

Rutherford B. Hayes is George Washington, 1st President of the USA’s 7th cousin four times removed! This is another relationship that starts with Anthony Cooke, Sir Knight of Gidea Hall, MP, Order of the Bath. However, Hayes shares the exact same relationship with Anthony as Nixon does, through his brother Humphrey Cooke. Although, the similarities stop there, Nixon and Hayes are directly related to different son’s of Humphrey.

Therefore, Hayes can be added to the list of Carter, Nixon and Washington that are related to  John C. Cooke, Sir and and Alice Saunders, Lady Cooke, Anthony and Humphrey parents.


The site shows them as 10th cousins 3 times removed, but once again has a hyperlink that goes to the wrong place. So, finding their first connection is hard. However, 15 generations back into Grant’s genealogy,  you find that he is also a direct descendant of Anne Hasting  Therefore,  4 consecutive presidents (plus Carter and Nixon) are direct descendants of William Gascoigne, XII and Margaret Fitzwilliam through the two siblings mentioned in the last section!


Andrew Johnson is George Washington’s 9th cousin four times removed!

Robert Greene is the 6th great-grandparent of Washington. Whereas, his sister, Isabella Greene is the 10th great-grandparent of Johnson. This makes Johnson and Washington direct descendents of the siblings parents,  John Green and Margaret Green.

Additionally, Robert is the great-grand father of Elizabeth Vessey, making Cleveland also a direct descendant of John and Margaret Green. Moreover, Robert Greene is the father of Margaret Greene from the Coolidge section.


Abraham Lincoln is George Washington’s 9th cousin four times removed!

Washington’s 6th great-grandmother was Jane Cope / Saunders. Jane’s brother Sir Robert de Spencer, of South Mylles, is Lincoln’s 10th great-grandfather.  This makes the siblings parents,  Sir John Spencer, Lord of Wormleighton and Anne Spencer direct ancestors of Lincoln and Washington.


James Buchanan is George Washington’s 13th cousin once removed!

Washington’s 10th great-grandma was Maud de Beauchamp, whose sister, Margaret Beauchamp, was Buchanan’s 11th great-grandma. This makes their parent’s, Thomas de Beauchamp, 11th Earl of Warwick and Katherine Mortimer, Countess of Warwick, direct ancestors of Buchanan and Washington.

Additionally,  Maud is the great-great-grandmother of Sir Robert Dymoke.  Ergo,  Earle Thomas and Countess Kathrine are direct ancestors of six presidents from Buchanan to Obama. To put it a different way, there are 28 presidents in this before mentioned time frame. Therefore, a little over 21% are direct descendants of ole Tom and Kat!


Franklin Pierce is George Washington’s 7th cousin four times removed!

John Halstead, I and his brother Henry Halstead the 4th and 8th great-grand parents to  Washington and Pierce, respectively. Hence,  their parents Oliver Halstead and Ann Halstead are the 5th great-grandparents of Washington and the 9th great-grandparents of Pierce.


Millard Fillmore, is George Washington’s 7th cousin thrice removed!

Siblings Margaret Hesketh and Thomas Hesketh are the 4th and 7th great-grandparents of Washington and Fillmore. Therefore, both former Presidents are direct descendants to the siblings parents,  Robert Hesketh and Alice Booth.

Moreover,  Sir Robert Booth and Dulcia de Venables are the parents of Alice Booth, making JFK, Fillmore and Washington directly related to this couple.


Zachary Taylor, is George Washington’s 8th cousin twice removed!

This is yet another relationship with Anne Dymoke. As stated before Anne’s father,  Sir George Tailboys, Kt is Washington’s 5th great-grandfather. George Tailoys’ sister,  Maud Tyrwhitt is Taylor’s 8th great-grandma.

Therefore, though Sir Robert Dymoke, Taylor is the 7th president, of the 31 between he and Obama, who is directly related to Thomas de Beauchamp, 11th Earl of Warwick and Katherine Mortimer, Countess of Warwick, Moreover, through Anne Dymoke, Taylor is also the 7th of the 31 presidents from himself to Obama who is related to  William Gascoigne, XII and Margaret Fitzwilliam.


James Polk is George Washington’s 8th cousin four times removed!

Siblings Sir John C. Cooke and Beatrix Rawson are the 5th and 9th great-grandparents of Washington and Polk respectively.  Hence, their parents, Elizabeth Cooke and Phillip John Cooke are direct ancestors of both Polk and Washington.

Additionally, Elizabeth is a granddaughter of Sir Richard Knollys. Ergo, Washington, McKinley, Carter, Nixon and Polk  are direct descendants of Sir Thomas Moyle, Knight of Chilham and Isabell Knollys.


John Tyler is George Washington’s 9th cousin thrice removed!

Siblings Sir Thomas Tyrrell, II, Kt. and Elizabeth Isabel Tyrrell are the 6th and 8th great-grandparent of Washington and Tyler respectively. The siblings parents, Sir Thomas Tyrell, of Heron and Anne Tyrell are direct ancestors of Washington and Tyler.

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Incidentally, Elizabeth Vessey is the great-great granddaughter of Thomas. This makes Tyler also a direct relative as John and Margaret Green, like Johnson, Cleveland, Coolidge and Washington.


William Henry Harrison is George Washington’s sister-in-law’s husband’s nephew!

Harrison’s first relationship to Washington is in form of a marriage. Specifically, Harrison’s uncle, Burwell Bassett married Martha Washington’s sister, Anna Maria Bassett. However, if you go back 12 generations in his ancestry, you find Joan Fitzalan.  Joan’s father is John FitzAlan, 1st Baron Arundel, who in turn is the brother of Alice FitzAlan, Countess of Kent (from the Roosevelt section).

Therefore, John and Alice’s parents are Earl Richard FitzAlan, 10th Earl of Arundel and Eleanor Plantagenet of Lancaster, Countess of Arundel and Warenne are direct ancestors of Harrison, Washington and the 7 other presidents mentioned in the Roosevelt section.

It should also be noted that William Henry Harrison is the grandfather of the before mentioned other Harrison president, Benjamin. This makes William the 4th great-grandchild of Washington, Sr., Esquire of Sulgrave Manor and Elizabeth Washington.

Van Buren 

Martin Van Buren is George Washington’s 14th cousin twice removed!

You may have to go far back to get their first connection. However, the siblings that bind the two are of very noble births.

Catherine d’Avesnes, Lady de Roet is Washington’s 11 great-grandma. Whereas, Catherine’s sister,  Margaret II of Hainault, Empress of the Holy Roman Empire is the 13th great-grandma of Van Buren.   Hence, the siblings parents, William III, count of Holland and Jeanne de Valois. direct ancestors of Van Buren, and Washington.

Additionally, Catherine is the 4th great-grandmother of Anne Dymoke. Although, William Gascoigne, XII nor Margaret Fitzwilliam are found in this line, because the connection is through Margaret Gascoigne. However, she was married to William Gascoigne, Justice of the Peace, who is the grandson of the couple. Therefore, Van Buren can be added to the  other presidents (not counting Washington) that are direct descendants of William Gascoigne, XII and Margaret Fitzwilliam.

This makes  8 of the 35 presidents, from Van buren to Obama, direct decedents of William III, count of Holland and Jeanne de Valois. This is nearly 23% of the presidents from that time-frame.

However, this barely scratches the surface of just how “high-born” these ancestors of Washington and Van Buren are…

For instance, as you can probably deduce from her title, Margaret married to a Holy Roman Emperor! Specifically,  Louis IV, Holy Roman Emperor, whose grandfather on his mother’s side was Rudolf I, king of Germany. Moreover, Rudolf I was the first member of the Hapsburg German/Austrian Monarchical Dynasty to become king.

On the other hand,, this is not the only King that come from this line. Jeanne de Valois is the granddaughter of Phillip II, King of France.   Phillip II was part of the Capetian dynasty of France, which ruled from 987 to 1328.  He married Isabella, the daughter of Baldwin V, King of Jerusalem. Thus, making Van Buren and
Washington (and the 7 others related William III, count of Holland and Jeanne de Valois)  descendants of a  dynasty of kings of France, and a King of Jerusalem. Additionally, It also makes Van Buren a descendant of Holy Roman Emperor and a Hapsburg Kings of Germany though his direct linage of Margaret II,

I will get more into all this in further articles. However, you can see this line featured some serious heavy hitters from the European Monarchies dating back 6 centuries and back.


Andrew Jackson is George Washington’s 7th cousin once removed!

Anne Fitzwilliam, Lady Of Brittany is the 4th great-grandmother of Washington. Whereas, her brother, Sir William Fitzwilliam, is Jackson’s 5th great-grandparent. Ergo, their parents William Fitzwilliam, Sheriff of Milton and Anne Fitzwilliam are direct ancestors of Jackson and Washington.

Remember, Anne Fitzwilliam  was the wife of Anthony Cooke, Sir Knight of Gidea Hall, MP, Order of the Bath. Therefore, Washington, McKinley, Carter, Nixon, Polk and Jackson are directly through William Fitzwilliam, Sheriff of Milton and Anne Fitzwilliam.

The Adams

John Quincy Adams is George Washington’s 8th cousin four times removed!

What does John Adams , his son, every president from Reagan to the junior Bush, Hoover, Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt all have in common?

If you answered they are all direct descendants of  Sir Edward Sutton, 2nd Baron Dudley and Cecily Sutton (Willoughby), you would be correct! That’s right, The Adams boys are yet another set of presidents who’s first connection to Washington are via the siblings John and Edward Sutton.

Therefore, the total number of presidents, thus far, who are related to Thomas Holland, 2nd Earl of Kent and Alice FitzAlan, Countess of Kent is a staggering 9! Although, If you go back to Alice’s parents,  Earl Richard FitzAlan, 10th Earl of Arundel and Eleanor Plantagenet of Lancaster, Countess of Arundel and Warenne, you can add Harrison to the list.


James Monroe is George Washington’s 11th cousin three times removed!

Monroe, like Teddy R and Clinton, share the same first connection with Washington, Lady Margaret Holland, Duchess of Clarence, while Washington is the 8th great-grandson of Alianore (the elder) Holland, Countess of March, Baroness Cherleton.

As talked about in two previous sections, Wilson, Clinton and Roosevelt are descendants of Margaret’s most preposterous offspring,  Joan Beaufort, Queen of Scots, something they also share that in common with Monroe.

As you may remember, Wilson and Clinton come from Joan’s most prominent offspring, James II, King of Scotland. Whereas, Teddy and Monroe both hail from the line involving her son John Stewart, 1st Earl of Atholl.  John was Joan’s 9th child (of 11), but the first with James Stewart, the Black Knight of Lorn. John Stewart fathered 17 children with two wives. His first son was John Stewart, 2nd Earl of Atholl, to whom Roosevelt and Monroe directly descend from.

Thus, he is the 12th president (including 4 of the first 6) who are directly related to Thomas Holland, 2nd Earl of Kent and Alice FitzAlan, Countess of Kent; and the 13 who is related to Alice’s parents Earl Richard FitzAlan, 10th Earl of Arundel and Eleanor Plantagenet of Lancaster, Countess of Arundel and Warenne.

Lastly, since Alianore is the grandmother of Joyce Sutton, Monroe can be added to the long list of Presidents directly related to her.


James Madison is George Washington’s nephew’s wife’s sister’s husband!

This is another example of the first people who connect Washington with another president is because of a marriage, albeit, the marriage is not a distant one. Col. Samuel Washington was Washington’s brother, who had a son named George Steptoe Washington. George married Mary Coles Washington (Payne), who in turn was the sister of Madison’s Wife Dolly.

Madison, himself was from a very prominent genealogy, one that intertwines with Washington and many royal families of Europe. However, that will be discussed in a future article.


Thomas Jefferson is George Washington’s 9th cousin once removed!

The first connection brings us to Alice Booth, who is Fillmore and Jefferson’s 7th great grandmother, and her brother Phillip Booth Sir, who is Washington’s 6th great-grandfather.  Hence, the sibling parents, Sir Robert Booth and Dulcia de Venables direct ancestors of JFK, Fillmore, Jefferson and Washington.

This concludes our look into every presidents direct genealogical connection with Washington. The material is so long, and very repetitive (there is only so many ways you can describe how people are related, afterall). Therefore, the truly interconnectedness of the presidents, that can be found by just looking at Washington’s first connection with other presidents, probably still has not fully sunk in for many of you reading this.

Therefore, I will write a third installment of The Washington Connection part of the series as an over view. This way you will have one page to go to showing all the interconnection found in these rather long articles.

Then I will move on to the presidents connection to the European Monarchies. At which point, I hope it becomes clear to you, dear reader, that the mantra “Anyone can become president” is a fair tale.  And all president come from several interconnected bloodlines of “noblemen and women” that date back centuries.