In the past, the countries of the world (at least the so-called “civilized” countries) were largely ruled by Kings and Queens. The Providences inside these countries had lesser “noblemen” like Dukes and Barons rule that area. This continued down to smaller areas with still lesser “noblemen” in charge. In those days, it was no secret  that these so-called noblemen and noblewomen came from a handful of powerful families. Nor was it a secret that those families passed down their title to their children, and with it, the “ownership” of the land they ruled over. Moreover, it was also understood that the “common classes” could not outright own any land. Instead, they became part of the serfdom that fell under the control of these noblemen/women, who had the “birthright” to said land.

This form of rule has been known as a monarchy for centuries. However, it is nothing more than a small group of families that rule over the much larger population… This is, of course, the very definition of an oligarchy, and the most accurate description of what a monarchy is. As such, that is what I will call it from here on out.

Over time, the people simply grew tired of being ruled like they were chattel of an overt oligarchy. Today you can see this shift by how people think of the Queen of England and other monarchs or monarchical structure still in place in Europe. What I mean is, in the past these monarchical families were the undisputed rulers; they were the sovereigns over the lands they lived on and their word was law. Now the people see them as figureheads, with titles that have zero real power. Conversely, today the power is in the hands of elected officials in these countries today — at least in the eye’s of the people.

In the United States, the history books tell us the we fought the Revolutionary War to put an end to the English Monarchical rule. In America today, we believe your blood lines do not define you and that anyone, no matter how humble of births you come from, can become the so-called leader of the free world. This, of course, stems from the idea that the people in the colonies rejected the idea that they were the serfdom of another human (at that time King George III), simply because of something so archaic as “birth rights”.

Although, once you start digging, you realize the “elected officials” (at least at the highest levels of the American government) have always come from families in the European Royal oligarchy!

The easiest way to see this is looking at every president and his genealogical connection to our first President, which is what the rest of this article (and at least one more article in this series) is about. However, later articles will focus on the Presidents genealogical connections to monarchs in Europe. Therefore, if you are still on the fence about my premise presented in the last paragraph, the later articles should provide even more convincing evidence that the oligarchy, who ruled overtly over Europe in the past, are covertly ruling over America today!

The Washington connection

George Washington did not come to power by chance. He was born into a very preposterous family, probably the strongest bloodline in the colonies. His direct ancestors on his mother and his father’s side held high positions in the Colonies and back in England. The men were Lords, Barons, sheriffs, and magistrates; They held positions as court members to many kings, and in multiple cases, were kings themselves. He was also not the first of his male direct ancestors to hold high a position in the military. Additionally, the women garnished the equivalent titles and status. In other words, all his direct ancestors were of very high “noble birth”.

Simply put, Washington’s family connected the ruling classes of the “new” and “old” worlds. And every single President since him, belongs to at least one branch of this family!

Let me repeat that for those of you that still believe anyone can become President.

Every single US President, belongs to the same family tree!!!

And we are not talking about very distant relatives that connect the Presidents either…

The Presidents  can all trace their heritage back to a few common couples Washington is also a direct descendant of!! For example, Washington’s 4th great grandparents on his mom’s side are XXX Presidents 10th great grandparents on his dad’s side.

The website has a great page that list every President’s connection to Washington (and has a hyperlink that shows the relation in a diagram). However, they only trace the Presidents back to the closest relative with Washington. Although, others have found couples in both their lineage that they both are direct descendants from.

Keep in mind, it is not a case that they have one couple in common, each President’s family lineages share multiple couples. However, it would probably take a few books to show just how connected they are. Therefore, I will mainly focus on the closest descendants to each President and Washington. This will also help to not give away too much of future articles.

*** has changed some of the hyperlinks showing the connection to Washington. This is probably because the presidents share so many common ancestors that the site most likely changes the hyperlink when a closer relationship to Washington is found. I found this out when I was starting the 3rd article in the Washington Connection and went back to look at the hyperlinks to find some more connections with common people found in many charts.

As I am writing this, I am changing the sections that have updated since I started putting this article together. Therefore, I am sure that many of the hyperlinks will again change as closer relationships are reveled. However,  keep that in mind, if you click on the hyper link at the beginning of any section that is different from how I described the relationship, know that when I wrote (or edited)_this article, the site did have a chart showing the exact link describe in every section.


Lets start with the most current and move backwards… (this article stops at Wilson because I needed to break this up into multiple articles because of the length.)

Obama is Washington’s 8th cousins, 11 times removed.

The common ancestors for Obama and Washington are Alice Agnes Anne Raynsford, and her sister Joan Peck (Aune). Washington is the 5th great-grandson of Joan Peck, making Alice Raynsford his 6th great-aunt. Through his mom, Obama is a direct descendant of Alice. To be precise, she is his 16th great-grandmother.

Moreover, this means that both Obama and Washington are direct descendants of Alice and Joan’s parents,  John Aune and Catherine Glanville (Preston)!

The Bush Presidents

George W Bush’s mother Barbara is Washington’s 3rd cousin 7 times removed!  Specifically, Bush is the 7th great-grandchild of Sarah Towneley. Towneley is the sister of Col. Augustine Warner II, who, in turn, is the father of Washington’s grandma on his dad’s side.

So, Bush is the 7th great-grandchild of Washington’s great Aunt! Moreover, Bush and Washington are both direct descendants of Col. Augustine Warner and Mary Cant Warner (Augustine Warner II and Sarah Towneley’s parents). In Washington’s case he is the great-great-grandchild of the couple. Whereas, Bush is the couples 8th great-grandchild.

This is a shockingly close relationship considering the time between which both these Presidents lived.

The site lists the elder Bush as a relative via his marriage to Barbara, which is not surprising considering they look for the earliest connection to Washington… And his connection via marriage comes a mere 3 generations back from Washington. However, if you go 11 generations back into Bush’s lineage, you find Margaret Sutton. She is the first of many Sutton’s you see in both Washington and Bush’s lineage (and many other Presidents). Although, finding the first Sutton that is a common ancestor of the two is hard because through the generations they reused named several times. For instance, there are several Margarets, Johns and Edmund’s throughout both lineages. Therefore, I am not positive if this is the first Sutton ancestor they have in common. But if you go back to Bush’s 17 generation, you will find John Sutton. This particular John Sutton fathered Edward Sutton and John Sutton. If you briefly skip to Reagan, you will see John and Edward are the closest relationship that binds Reagan and Washington. Therefore, both Bushs, Reagan and Washington are all direct descendants of John Sutton, who was born in 1400 with the official title Sir John Sutton, VI, 1st Baron Dudley.

In conclusion, both parents of the younger Bush and Washington share direct descendants

*This section, like the section on Clinton, was originally written before I was able to trace every Presidents lineage to at least one couple with Washington. Which is why I had to direct you to a section further down to see the hyperlinks and more independent look into the ancestor.


Clinton’s first relationship to Washington is through the marriage of his 14th great-grandmother and Washington’s 4th great-grandfather. However, if you go back, you will see that Clinton’s 16th great-grandmother was Joan Beaufort, who is discussed at the end of this article in the Wilson section. However, Clinton’s exact relationship with will be discussed in future articles.

**It looks as though the site updated his closest relationship to Washington and that is through is marriage to Hillary. Hillary’s genealogy will be discussed in future articles.


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Reagan was 8th cousins 8 times removed from Washington. Washington is the 5th great-grandson of John Sutton, on his father’s side. John’s brother was Sir Edward Sutton, 2nd Baron Dudley, the 13th great-grandfather of Reagan. This means John and Edward’s parents, Sir Edmund Sutton, 1st Baron of Dudley (a minister to King Henry 7th) and Joyce Sutton (Tiptoft) are the 6th and 14th great grandparents of Washington and Reagan, respectively.


Jimmy Carter is 6th cousin 8 times removed from Washington. Alice Reade (Cooke) is Washingtons 3rd great-grandmother. Whereas, her brother, Sir Richard Cooke, MP, was Carters 11th great-grandfather. Hence, the sibling’s parents Anthony Cooke, Sir Knight of Gidea Hall, MP, Order of the Bath (a tudor to king Edward VI, the only legitimate son of Henry the VIII) and Anne Fitzwilliam, Lady Of Brittany are direct ancestors to Carter and Washington.

** This is the first change I mentioned before. when I first started collecting the reseach this is what i found.

Jimmy Carter is 7th cousin 8 times removed from Washington. This relationship again starts on Washington’s father’s side.. The closest common relatives to both Carter and Washington are a pair of sisters,  Anne Dymoke and Cecilia Ingleby. The former is the 4th great-grandmother of Washington, the latter is the 12th great-grandmother of Carter.

This makes the parents of Anne and Cecilia, Sir George Tailboys, Kt. and Lady Elizabeth Tailboys (Gascoigne) the 5th and 13th great-grandparents to Washington and Carter, respectively.

As you can see they seemed to have found a closer connection to the two presidents. Moreover, if you click on both hyperlinks it takes you to the updated page. I will not be adding the previous connection to Washington and another president unless the change affects this, or future, articles.


Nixon is the 7th cousin 6 times removed from Washington. This is the second president in a row that has links to Anthony Cooke, Sir Knight of Gidea Hall, MP, Order of the Bath. Nixon is the10th great-grandchild of Antony’s brother Humphrey Cooke. Therefore, the siblings parent’s, John C. Cooke, Sir and and Alice Saunders, Lady Cooke, are direct ancestors of Washington, Nixon and Carter.


The hyperlink on the site takes you the Washington page. However they say he is the 8th cousin 6 times removed. This would mean that Washington’s 5th great-grandparents are Johnson’s 11th great-grandparents.


JFK is the 9th cousin 6 times removed from Washington. JFK’s 12th great-grandmother was  Agnes Lawrence (Croft), her half-brother was Robert Lathom, of Parbold. The siblings shared the same mother named Elena Crofte (Boteler). Jfk and Washington are direct ancestors of Elena.

** The original hyperlink showed JFK directly related to  Sir Robert Booth and Dulcia de Venables, which is comes into play in the second article in this series.

Dwight David Eisenhower

Eisenhower’s first relationship to Washington is very distant, probably the most distant of any President. However, to not give away to much from future articles, the direct ancestor that connects the two will be discussed in later articles.


Truman is the 10th cousin 6 times removed from Washington. The siblings that connect Truman to Washington are Sir Thomas Tyrrell, II, Kt., Washington’s 7th great-grandfather and Elizabeth Isabel Tyrrell, who is Truman’s 13th great-grandmother.

Therefore, the siblings parent’s Sir Thomas Tyrell, of Heron and Anne Tyrell are the 8th great-grandparents of Washington and the 14th of Truman.


Like Johnson the page sends you to Washington’s page, but it says he is the 3rd cousin 9 times removed. This is probably the closest relationship of the “modern” presidents. It means one of couples that make up Washington’s great-grandparents are also FRD’s 9th great-grandparents. I have not been able to find the ancestors that connect these two Presidents in their respective generations, However, my guess would be that it is a couple containing one Reade or Berkeley– or possibly one of both.


Hoover is the 8th cousin 7 times removed from Washington. Hoover’s connection is the exact same as Reagan’s! Washington is a direct descendant of John Sutton and Hoover. Reagan, is a direct descendant of Sir Edward Sutton, 2nd Baron Dudley! Edward is one generation less removed from Hoover than Reagan was.

Moreover, Reagan and Hoover are also direct descendants of Edward’s son John Sutton, 3rd Baron of Dudley. However, the 3rd Baron of Dudley had about a dozen kids and Hoover’s direct relative is John’s first-born son Capt Sir Henry Dudley; Whereas, Reagan is directly related to John’s other son Edward Sutton, 4th Baron Sutton of Dudley.

For those keeping track at home, just by looking at the first connected ancestor, we know Washington, Hoover, Reagan, and both Bush Presidents can trace their heritage back to Sir Edward and Joyce Sutton!



He is the 7th cousin 6 times removed from Washington. This trip down the Washington family tree goes one generation past Elizabeth Vessey, who is a name to remember moving forward.  Washington is the 4th great-grandson of Elizabeth’s father John Church. Whereas, Coolidge is the 10th great-grandson of Elizabeth’s uncle, John’s brother, Robert Church.

Hence, the Coolidge and Washington are the sibling’s parents, Reynold Church, of Leicester and Margaret Greene direct ancestors/



He is the 9th cousin 4 times removed from Washington. Washington’s 6th great-grandmother was Anne Pargiter. Anne was the sister of Harding’s 10th great-grandfather, Peter Coles. This makes their parents,  Richard Coles and Agnes Coles, the 9th and 11th great grandparents to Washington and Harding, respectively!


Since this article is getting long already and Wilson’s presidency was roughly 100 years ago, i think he will be a good President to stop on.

Wilson was the 8th cousin 4 times removed from Washington. The closest relationship for both men is to  James IV of Scotland. James became King of Scotland when he was 15, he then took many wives and concubines. Because of this he had many children who were half-siblings. Washington was the 5th great-grandchild for James’ son James of Stewart, 1st Earl of Moray. His half-sister was Janet Stewart, Princess, Lady Fleming, who was the 9th great-grandmother of Wilson

This the first time we have seen the first shared ancestors between Washington and another President being a King or Queen. However, as we will start to see a more full picture of who is a direct descendant, or direct ancestor of whom, we see that James IV and other Monarchs are directly related to many Presidents.

In Part 2 of this series of articles, you will start to see the same names of lesser noblemen and noblewomen who are direct ancestors of multiple presidents. Until then, remember… knowledge is power!