History was always a subject that intrigued me as a child. I would imagine what it would have been like to live in a far away land during a monumental time in human history. As I grew older, my interest didn’t fade. However, my childlike imagination that took me to those far away places and times did. In its place were questions… How much of the history that we are taught in school, starting as kids and continuing through college, is actually true? And why in the world are they lying to us about our history?!

There are many examples of things being covered up, that go against the “official story” of what happened in the past – from “mainstream” archeologist/Universities and governmental agencies like the Smithsonian Institute (I know it is are technically museums but our government runs it), to the Egyptian Ministry of State of Antiquities. Far too many to list in one article, so I’ll just show a few that illustrate this.

The Pyramids

When the word ‘pyramids’ is spoken, almost everyone will first think of the Egyptian Pyramids in Giza, so I think they are a good start. The Egyptologist tell us that the Great Pyramid was built as a tomb for King Khufu during the 4th Egyptian dynasty over a 20 year period around 2560B.C. . They say this was all accomplished by a large workforce made up of mainly slaves, who simply dragged the blocks from a quarry and lifted them into place.  Most people believe this as unquestionable fact- something that leaves me down right astonished!

The Great Pyramid has 2.3 million stones. The biggest of the granite blocks weighs upwards of 80 metric tons and the quarry was a staggering 500 miles away! The pyramid was built with 5.5 million metric tons of limestone, 8,000 metric tons of granite and 500,000 metric tons of mortar; which brings the total weight to just over 6 million metric tons! With an average of only 58mm of inaccuracy, the length of the sides of the pyramid’s base are almost perfectly aligned and it is within 15mm of being perfectly flat! It is also almost perfectly aligned with the cardinal directions! You might be thinking I’m over doing it with the exclamation marks in this paragraph, but all those things are truly amazing and are really only the tip of the iceberg on the mathematics found in the pyramid(s)- most of which we do not even have the technology to carry out today!

Let that last part sink in a while…

These are the stats the Egyptologists came up with, yet they still treat the un-logical theory of slaves dragging massive stone blocks across vast distance of desert then lifting the massive rocks into place making a structure so precise that we couldn’t duplicate it if we tried today, as unquestionable dogma. In their theory (that schools drill in our heads) 12 blocks were placed every hour for 20 years straight (that is using the model they use of 365 work days a year, which is wrong because the Nile flooded for about 3 months a year back then)!

Then there are the little know facts about the area…

thRTOUCFLZThe first being that the 3 pyramids in Giza are aligned almost perfectly with the alignment of the stars in Orion’s belt. Even more strange is the fact that you find the same alignment in at least 2 other places on the planet. This shows that the pyramids in Giza (and at the other complex with the same alignment), were not made individually but instead designed as a set. It also begs the question: why these 3 civilizations, separated by thousands of miles and supposedly by thousands of years as well, are so captivated by Orion’s belt?  The second little know fact about this area is that the Sphinx has damage from water erosion that could only be caused from long periods of rain. The last time that had rain fall powerful enough to do this was over ten thousand years ago.  When the Minister of State for Antiquities, Zahi Hawass, found out about this he had a wall built up around the area to hide it!

thIJ8ISJ37Egypt isn’t the only place where pyramids are older than dates our history books give for the beginning of the first civilizations in their perspective area.  Look no further than the underwater pyramids at many locations around the world. These pyramids are usually by a coastline but under dozens of feet of water.  However, this is not always the case as with the underwater pyramid in Lake Mills (Wisconsin), which was the subject of an episode of the history channel show America Unearthed.

Logically, the pyramids must have been made by some civilization while the area was still land. For many of these locations, this was before the end of the last ice  age, some 20,000 thousand years ago. Orthodox historians tell us that the Sumerians were the oldest civilization, but that was a mere 6,000 years ago. So… who exactly were the builders of these ancient monolithic complexes from around the world?

The Giant skeletons found all over  North America

During the 1800’s and early 1900’s, there was a multitude of mound-like structures being discovered all over the United States. This in and of itself, is odd because they are not really ever talked about or taught in school. However, what was found inside many of the mounds was truly amazing and would change many long-held beliefs if it was actually brought to light.

Inside many of the mounds were skeletons… Not just normal skeletons, but skeletons of giant humans, ranging from 7ft to  18ft tall! At the burial site of the (estimated) 18ft tall giant, was a massive 9ft tall sword.

The book, The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America, documents the dozens of newspaper articles from across America, that talked about these discoveries. It does a great job of bringing to light, the wide verity of burial sites that were being found. Many of which used mummification techniques. Many giant mummies have been found in places like Florida and Nevada.

The two most interesting mummies were found in 1940, inside Spirit Cave in Nevada, under feet of Guava droppings that preserved the mummies  beautifully. There were actually still pieces of skin on the back and shoulder of the mummies and some of their hair was still attached. The hair appeared black while inside the cave, but the light outside revealed that it was actually reddish-brown. They used the most current techniques of determining the age of the mummies and estimated were 1,500 to 2,000 years old. Sadly, they were then transported to the storage facility of the Nevada State Museum, and forgotten about for over 50 years.

An anthropologist at the University of California, Riverside, named Erv Taylor heard about the mummies and in 1996 was about to test the mummies with the new spectrometry devises. What he found was pretty mind-blowing. The mummies were 9,400 years old! The Bureau of Land Management stepped in and stopped this find from becoming front page news all over the world when they said the bones belonged to the local Indian Tribe (because we all know how concerned the U.S. Government is with not trespassing or taking away any property of the American Indian tribes…). This stopped DNA testing of the mummies at this time.

However,  after a lot of pressure from the academic community, the courts overturned the Bureau’s ruling and ruled that the Mummies can be tested. What they found was as surprising as the Spectrometer’s findings- the Mummies were Caucasian that most resembled Nordic Descent and were not the fore fathers of any other modern Indian tribes of the area!

Amazingly enough, this isn’t the only giant red-haired mummy found in a Nevada cave covered in Guava. In 1911, in Lovelock Cave, there were several red-haired giant mummies and artifacts found. Unfortunately most of the skeletons were lost but there is still a giant skull and random bones at local museums and universities. However, the museum is not allowed to show the collection to the public in a display because the state doesn’t consider them legitimate.

The local Paiute Indians have legends about their ancestor’s and red-haired giants they called Si-Te-Cah.  They Say the Si-Te-Cah were a cannibalistic race that they first encountered when they entered the region many thousands of years ago. They say many tribes had to band together to protect themselves and eventually went to war with the giants.  Their legend states that they were able to trap the last of the giants in a cave. When the gaints didn’t come out they covered the entrance of the cave with brush and lit it on fire.  They say that was the last time they saw them.

It would seem that this old legend, that has been passed down through the generations, might be based on fact and that certain people and organizations want to keep it hidden.

These are just a few of the finds. If you were to do a search on any search engine for giant skeletons found in America you will see stories about them being found in many states across the countries. So, I would not be surprised to see more articles dedicated to this subject.

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Pre-Columbian Artifacts Found All Over The Country

There has been a surprising amount ancient artifacts, ranging from coins to tablets, from Europe and Africa. In fact, The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America  talks about some of them that were found with, or by the mound builder sites along the Mississippi. I’ll get to those later, but first I want to talk about a find in the Grand Canyon.

In 1909, the Phoenix Gazette printed an article called Explorations in the Grand Canyon, which described how G.E. Kinkaid (a 30 year employee of the Smithsonian) noticed a mysterious passageway leading into the mountain. He worked his way to the entrance and entered.

The article calls it ‘the great underground citadel of the Grand Canyon’ and for good reason. Here are some of the things they found while exploring the cave:

  • Several hundred rooms and two passageways (that were as wide as 12ft at some points and 9ft in others) that they explored for over 800ft in one direction and 600ft in the other.
  • A crypt that had 3 vertical rows of male mummies with many different weapons next to them.
  • What looked like a giant dinning facility, measuring 40 x 700 feet, where utensils were found.
  • A granary was found constructed with a grey platinum like metal that the scientist couldn’t identify, that contained many different kinds of seeds. The scientist said it looked like ones found in temples in Asia
  • Maybe the most interesting find was the shrine of the Budda-like figure with a lotus flower in both hands. Also found in the room with the shrine were copper tools that lead the scientist to say they undoubtedly knew how to harden the metal. There were also urns, vases and cups, made of gold and copper, that had “mysterious hieroglyphics” on them.
  • They estimated that at least 50,000 could have lived there.

The article states that the Smithsonian, lead by Prof. S.A. Jordan, were in the process of leading a massive expedition of the cave. G.E. Kinkaid even told the Gazette the scientist there “have made discoveries which almost conclusively prove that the race which inhabited this mysterious cavern, hewn in solid rock by human hands, was of oriental origin, possibly from Egypt, tracing back to Ramses.”.

This find is truly amazing but unfortunately this was the one and only reference you will find of it and if you ask the Smithsonian, they will say that it never happened . But shortly after the Gazette article, the area that Kinkaid claims to have found the cave, became a restricted zone. Interestingly enough though, all the landmarks inside this forbidden area have Hindu or Egyptian god’s names. The Tower of Set, Tower of Ra, Horus Temple, Osiris Temple, Isis Temple, Buddha Cloister, Buddha Temple, Manu Temple and Shiva Temple are all found inside it.

As  I said before the Grand Canyon is not the only place to have signs of Pre-Columbian visitation of the United States from over seas.   To close out the this article I will list some of them and give a brief description.

  • The bog mummies: In a Florida pond over 100 ever well-preserved mummies were found in the peat at the bottom of the pond. The mummies had red hair, and many still had brain tissue. They ran carbon dating and DNA tests and found the bones were around 7,300 years old and they were of Northern European ancestry. According to The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America, this was just the first of several finds of this nature in Florida.
  • The Mandan Indian Tribe: The Mandans were an Indian tribe of North Dakota that had light skin, blond or red hair, and blue eyes.  Sacagawea was actually a part of this tribe. Sadly, most of the tribe died because of Small Pox and the survivors joined other tribes; so DNA testing to see were their ancestors came from will be impossible. But I think it’s safe to say their ancestors were not from the same place as the other tribes.
  • Out of Place Coins: There has been a plethora of ancient Roman and Syrian coins found in places like Texas, Maine, Oklahoma, Alabama and Illinois , many in structures dating back 1,500 plus years.
  • The Ten Commandments: In New Mexico, a stone was found that had the ten commandments carved into it using the old Hebrew alphabet with a few Greek letters mixed in.  In Ohio a man named David Wyrick, found a very small (fits in the hands) stone with the ten commandments inscribed on it with a carving of Moses on it. A few month before he found a tiny keystone with ‘Holy of Holies”, “King of the Earth”, “The Law of God”, and “The Word of God” inscribed on it using an older dialect of Hebrew.


This is really only scratching the surface of all the finds similar to these. There are enough of them to make this website’s history category very big (and I plan on doing just that). In my next article I will address more in-depth how the governments, universities and museums cover up the finds that disrupt status quo; and reasons why they do so.