The Fatal Flaws of Arguing the Risk vs. Reward of Vaccines

When I started down the path of questioning the almighty vaccine, I took a stance that many inside the anti-vaccine movement would call… not so much “anti- vaccine”, just “safe vaccine”. In other words, I was arguing that vaccines were too risky for the rewards I assumed they provided.  Many of you who identify yourself as part …


Is There a Vaccines-Autism Connection?

There are zero links between autism and vaccines; any doctor or scientist that claims otherwise, are simply charlatans, snake oil salesmen, or con artists. Or is that what the FDA, pharmaceutical industry and allopathic medicine as a whole, would like us all to believe? This statement is fundamentally and patently a lie. This is not …


Vaccine Shedding, the Recent Outbreaks and Propaganda

Every time there is an out break of a disease for which there is a vaccine, we get bombarded almost instantaneously from the media blasting story after story on how the outbreak is clearly and unequivocally due to unvaccinated people. The stories’ narratives vary in how much condemnation they hurl at those that don’t vaccinate. …


Hawaii’s 5 Mandatory Vaccine Bills

Last year we brought you news of California becoming the first state to try to make laws that would attempt to force vaccinate the population. Sadly,  it did not end with California, many states have jumped on board with the latest being Hawaii, who introduced 5 different bills dealing with forced vaccination. Many of these …


New Years COLLECTIVE Resolutions- Part 1 Our Health

Personalized New Years resolutions are something we all hear about this time of year. Whether the resolution is simple and easy to carry out or one that is drastic and seemingly far-fetched to others, it is always a good idea to want to set goals with the intent to make you evolve as a person …


Monsanto’s CEO Uses Industry Propaganda to Counter the Mounting Concerns from the Public

Monsanto’s CEO Hugh Grant went on “CBS This Morning” earlier today to discuss all the concerns people have about the corporations practices and products. This article will discuss all the talking points of that interview and his responses. The first talking point was the Safety of GMO crops, to which Grant used the standard Monsanto misinformation for …


The Age of Corporate Studies

Everyone knows about “Tobacco Science”– industry backed studies conducted in ways to give the illusion that their product is safe. If this was the only unethical and perilous claim, it would be extremely disingenuous. However, they took it to another level with their advertising that used doctors to promote their brands and claim they had actual …

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