The British SAS has been sent to Syria dressed as an ISIS fighter, per reports coming out of England. They are, of course, officially there to attack ISIS. By no means are they there to not disrupt the war torn area even more by  attacking the Syrian government buildings. All the while, blaming it on ISIS to justify an invasion of Syrian Sovereign land.

Thinking this would be crazy; the ramblings of an insane conspiracy theorist…

But is it that crazy?

I would say if we take a look at modern history of the SAS in this situation, the answer is a definite NO!

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During the early part of the war in Iraq, there had been several attacks on local police and civilians. The insurgency carried out by Al-Qaeda caught the blame. From my personal experience inside the Sunni Triangle of Iraq (between February 04 to February 05), most of these were carried out by this insurgency.

However, in Basra, Iraq in mid 2005, that was proven not always the case.

Who was the guilty party caught shooting at police and civilians in the city? None other than a team of SAS members dressed in Arabic attire! After the Iraqi police refused to release the two men who were captured after their team killed an Iraqi police officer, the Brits quickly stormed the prison with tanks to free their countrymen.

That’s right, the British SAS was in an area of Iraq that had little unrest, conducting operations to make it seem like the area was full of it. I can’t see any reason to do this other than to blame it on the insurgency, giving the western military industrial complex more reason to stay in country.

This is not the only situation the SAS was part of a scandal that involved dressing as part of an insurgency. This time it was aiding the overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya by attempting to join the rebels in Benghazi.

Yes, the same rebels that admittedly had several al-qauda members in their ranks.

Many of you might be thinking they were only trying to overthrow Gaddafi, who was a monster that needed dealt with. However, this too seems like more propaganda. If you take a look into what Gaddafi was trying to do for his people and Northern Africa (involving a Gold-backed currency and a water aqueduct), you will see he was doing things that empowered his people; while hurting the very powerful oligarchy that runs American and the western world.

You simply can’t align with rebels that have their ranks filled by a terrorist organization of which you’ve been at war with for ten years. Even if it is to overthrow a tyrannical dictator, which again, Gaddafi didn’t seem to be. This situation is yet another example of the west covertly getting involved in affairs of other nations that are run by people who don’t promote the western oligarchs interest.

Every time a government is run by a regime that hurts these oligarchs stranglehold on the world (like threaten the petro dollar) there is a steady stream of propaganda spewed on the Main Stream Media to outrage the people of the west; more specifically, the people of the US. Once an ample level of outrage is achieved, the invasion starts. If they can’t overtly invade, like in Ukraine, after the former president accepted a bailout from Russia instead of the western EU, they orchestrate a coup.

In conclusion, I believe we would have already overthrown the Syrian government and installed a more pro-western ruler if it had not been for the overwhelming outcry from American people vehemently opposing this. However, if history has taught us anything, it is that these oligarchs do not back off easily. They are patient, and will wait for the outcry to diminish. Once it has, something will happen to outrage the people enough which will allow the oligarchs to achieve their goals…

Funny how that happens.

In my opinion, there has been sufficient time for American people to have forgotten why they were opposed to military intervention in Syria. Therefore, I would not be surprised to hear the banging of the war drums very soon. Some heinous act, committed by ISIS, will be plastered all over the TV’s. This will be followed by louder and louder beating of the war drums and calls for invasion to protect the Syrian people.

The fact that an elite British unit who has a history of stirring up similar unrest in the past, is in also in Syria…dressed as ISIS, no less…will merely be a “coincidence”.