In 2012, Dr. Richard Pan, a former assemblyman from Sacramento, proposed a bill entitled ab 2109. This bill caused quite an uproar by proposing to raise our already world-leading vaccine schedule. The public outrage then began because many thought the bill (which has passed and become law) was going to take away parent’s right to decide what medical procedures and treatments to give their children. Dr. Pan quickly brushed this off, insisting it would not take away their parental rights to make choices about vaccinations.

Then came the Disneyland measles outbreak…

Without doing research to see if the outbreak started from the wild virus strain (from an unvaccinated person) or from a vaccinated person “sheddingit,  the media quickly started blaming the unvaccinated. In fact, the media has never, nor will ever mention that the virus in the vaccine makes you a carrier of the disease; meaning you can spread it (or as the industry calls it “shedding” it). The media conveniently left out this important fact and immediately vilified the unvaccinated for starting the outbreak without proof. This is nothing more than fear-mongering propaganda.

Politicians rarely miss an opportunity to take advantage of the media fear-mongering and in this instance, it was no different.

Dr. Pan’s used this situation to completely change his rhetoric about parents choices, stating on his Facebook page on June 9th:  “it is time for all state legislatures to step in… Yes, parents have the right to refuse vaccination for their children, but to protect other parents’ and children’s rights, these families must then accept the consequences of their decision: no admittance to public preschool, school, college, or workplace.” [emphasis added]

If there was a college course called “How to Get Draconian Laws Passed — 101”, this comment would be a perfect example for the class. You must do it in a way that makes people think you are taking away their right to protect them. People need to think of the government is their strict parent that is only being firm to protect us, their children.

This comment was in reference to the recently passed California bill (sb 277) that refuses the child’s right to attend public education (daycare through high school) unless you receive all the vaccines on the vaccine schedule (over 40 by the time you are 6). Any parent/family that can’t afford homeschooling or private schools (that is, if private schools are exempt from this, which is unclear because of the langue of the bill), is effectively being forced to vaccinate. This is particularly alarming considering the number of independent studies that bring the safety and effectiveness of vaccines into question and that there has never been a study of the synergistic toxicity of all the toxins in the vaccines.

Once I broke down Dr. Pan’s statement, it was very clear to me that they did not want to stop with force vaccination of the children of California. No, he made it clear they wanted to make it mandatory for colleges and the workplace as well. You can’t force vaccinations on everyone all at once or you will have a full-scale revolt on your hands. So they implemented their first law involving the children and will slowly start trying to mandate the adult vaccination (with most likely “make up vaccines” as well).

In fact, they are trying to quickly get a bill passed to mandate that all daycare workers be vaccinated. The bill specifically states “a person shall not be employed at a family day care home if he or she has not been immunized against influenza, pertussis, and measles. An employee shall receive an influenza vaccination between August 1 and December 1 of each year.” These three vaccines are of the live virus variety that can “shed”.

This bill (like sb 277) is extremely unconstitutional. It takes away our rights protected by the first amendment by forcing people to inject things in their bodies that go against their religious, philosophical and spiritual beliefs. Conversely, the only exemption for not getting the vaccinations is the medical exemption, which is almost impossible to get– even if you had a previous severe adverse side effect to another vaccine.

When you live in a country that uses the media to push propaganda in order for the government to force-medicate the entire population with highly toxic substances, you are not living in a free country. There are a growing number of people who insist the government and the media are trying to start of civil war with all their totalitarian laws and the constant tactics meant to divide the people. As crazy as this idea may sound to some people, I think there is something to this. The fear-mongering from the Disney outbreak is perfect example of what I mean by these divisive tactics and it has worked beautifully. The country is now seemingly split into two distinct groups; one that won’t get vaccinated no matter what, and the other who are programmed (with fear-mongering) to allow the government to force their deadly concoctions on the first group. I think the media has done such a good job at scaring group #2 that if in the near future, the government said they were quarantining group #1 in the already built FEMA camps (for the safety of group #2, of course), group #2 would be 100% behind the idea.

One thing is for sure, if the state of California tries to enforce these unconstitutional draconian laws, they will have a full-fledged revolt on their hands by group #1. Too many people have awakened to the dangers of vaccinations to just sit back and take the shots without a fight. I think we can get out of this situation without it becoming a violent revolution or revolt. However, with government ramping up their propaganda and starting to amplify the amount mandatory vaccination bills, we are running out of time. We must counter this by starting pensions letting the Politicians know that we don’t want, nor will we accept their draconian laws. We must also fight their propaganda with facts and try to wake up those in group #2 who believe all the fear mongering.

It is time to stand up and stop this madness once and for all.

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