The Pharmaceutical industry has steadily increased sales on a yearly basis, to the point that they sold 839 billion worth of product in 2013, a number expected to surpass the trillion dollar threshold by 2020! There is no better definition of Big Business than this and it is why so many use the moniker “Big Pharma” when talking about the industry. This massive industry sold 339 billion of the 839 billion to people inside the US. Despite this, the US is collectively in the worst overall health of any first world country. This is easily confirmed by looking at the stats of a few different aliments or categories such as the rate of Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Heart Disease, Infant Mortality Rate, and Obesity in America. However, there is another chronic condition that better illustrates how the collective health in the US is very poor, despite using 40% of the pharmaceutical drugs world-wide — Cancer.

Let us take a look at a few stats to illustrate just how bad Cancer has gotten in the US:

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  • Cancer has become the leading cause of death for children. The rate of cancer deaths in children jumped from 64 deaths per 100,000 in 1900 to 188 in 2005 and is still growing.
  • According to the National Cancer Institute there will be 1.65 million new cancer cases in 2015, 40% of the American population will get cancer in their lifetime, nearly 600,000 people will die this year from it and nearly 13 million people had cancer in 2013.
  • states a number closer to one in two Americans will get cancer in their life and one in four will die from it.

These stats are quite disheartening. However, when you understand that the Cancer industry (whether it is via selling pharmaceuticals to treat cancer or very expensive machines to test for it) is a very big business, you will start to see why this has happened. How big of a business has it become? Well, a cancer patient’s poisonous chemo and radiation drugs can cost over $100,000 a year. Once we take intro consideration the numbers given above and the expensive diagnostic screening, the official profit of 95 billion a year may actually be a little low. Nevertheless, it is extremely Big Business.

Ask yourself this fundamental question, Why would people making this kind of profit want to find the cure if finding it will make them lose their “golden ticket”?

The answer is simply: they don’t!

In fact, there is a long history of suppressing natural cure that would destroy there stranglehold on the industry. World famous Dr. Atkins (yes, from the diet) had this to say on the subject:

There is not one, but many cures for cancer available. But they are all being systematically suppressed by the American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute, and the major oncology centers. They have too much of an interest in the status quo.

Lets take a look at some of the suppressed  natural cures .

Otto Warburg, PhD

You simply can not talk about alternative cancer research without starting with Dr. Warburg, who won his first Nobel Prize involving cancer in 1931. Otto discovered that cancer can not survive in an alkaline environment. This is a huge discovery. The common factor with natural cancer cures is that they all turn the human body into an alkaline environment.

Max Gerson, MD

While at the University of Freiburg from 1899-1906 Max was experiencing very painful and consistent migraines. He decided that since his professor of medicine could not help him cure the debilitating migraines it was up to him to do so.  Max changed of his traditional German diet consisting of heavily salted, processed, fatty foods and meat, to one consisting of raw and cooked, unsalted, organic fruits and vegetables. Within weeks of doing so, his migraines were gone.

Dr. Gerson began using this treatment on his patients after medical school. One of the patients also had tuberculous which was completely cured along with cured migraines. This discovery lead him (along with world-renowned thoracic surgeon, Ferdinand Sauerbruch) to conduct a study on diet and tuberculosis. The study had  460 terminal tuberculosis patients; 456 of which, were completely cured.

After heading to America during the outbreak of WW2, a woman  approached Dr. Gerson to help cure her terminal cancer. He was apprehensive at first, but gave in to her pleads for help and treated her in secret. The treatment also cure here “incurable” cancer. From this point on he started curing many people with terminal cancer that were given up on by oncologist.

The United States Senate had a hearing for the Pepper- Neely Anticancer Bill on July 1-3, 1946. The bill design was to give 100 million dollars in funding to any promising cancer treatments. Gerson’s success with curing cancer lead him to speak in front of the committee. He brought five of his former “terminal” patents and the complete records of five more. Renowned ABC news broadcaster, Raymond Gram Swing, who was at the testimony, went on his national radio broadcast that night and announced that a doctor found a cure for cancer. However, he was not the only one that was there. There were also many powerful people with pharmaceutical interest, leading to the suppression of his testimony, treatment and findings.

Dr. Gerson did not give up and this lead to him being kicked out of the New York State Medical Society and banned from publishing his work in peer-reviewed medical journals. This was not the only thing done to silence this man’s great work. The manuscript (and only copy) of his book detailing his last 30 years of research and cure was stolen and he was ultimately killed when he refused to give up on informing the world of his treatment.

Not all is lost, however. His treatment is alive and well and can be found at

Ernst T. Krebs Sr, MD

Dr. Krebs was the first man to find the health properties of Laetrile back in the 20’s.

What is Laetrile?

Vitamin B-17.

Never heard of B-17?

That is because the FDA took it off the market in the 70’s and removed it from the B complex vitamin list altogether! Thus, very little research on the vitamin has happened since. However, if you do want to start adding this long lost vitimin to your regimen, you can get a good amount from apricot seeds. They resemble an almond in appearance and are very nutritious.

What a proficient way to suppress a vitamin’s curing capabilities…

Nevertheless, many inside the “alternative” medical committee know about this, including Dr. Janet Starr Hall, who explains how B-17 attacks cancer cells:

According to research from years ago, provided by nutritionists and medical scientists, vitamin B-17 is a natural cyanide-containing compound that gives up its cyanide content only in the presence of a particular enzyme group called beta glucosidase or glucuronidase. Miraculously, this enzyme group is found almost exclusively in cancer cells. If found elsewhere in the body, it is accompanied by greater quantities of another enzyme, rhodanese, which has the ability to disable the cyanide and convert it into completely harmless substances. Cancer tissues do not have this protecting enzyme.

So, according to past scientific knowledge, cancer cells are faced with a double threat: the presence of one enzyme exposing them to cyanide, while the absence of another enzyme found in all other normal cells results in the cancer’s failure to detoxify itself. Leave it to nature to provide a form of cyanide that can naturally destroy a cancer cell. The cancer cells that are unable to withstand the cyanide are destroyed, while the non-cancerous cells are not threatened by the cyanide and therefore, remain unharmed. Never underestimate the body’s potential!

Fortunately for us, B-17 is found in high quantities in apricot seeds. They are not the easiest to find in store but can be found.

Harry Hoxey, N.D.

Dr. Hoxey used an herbal remedy passed down from his great-grandfather to cure cancer. He opened the world largest private cancer center in Dallas and because of this became the target of the American Medical Association (AMA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) . Over time many charges were brought up against him and his practice and he found himself in court often. At first he had a few very good victories as 2 different federal courts upheld the “therapeutic value” of his tonic and the FDA and AMA had to admit that his treatment could cure some cancers. However, with this much money and  power involved, these organizations could not continue to allow his clinic to stay open and eventually closed down. Dr. Hoxey was forced to move his center to Mexico to continue to cure cancer.

So, much for the War on Cancer. What the War on Cancer is actually doing is making sure the cures do not become common knowledge. They are very good at accomplishing this goal. In fact, these are just a few examples of suppressions from decades ago. There are many more that date back that far and even more being discovered today. The same basic formula is used on those that find cures; their research is stolen, the media ridicules them and calls them quacks, they get brought into courts, they are effectively ran out of the US and if they don’t go, they have untimely, highly suspicious deaths.

There is a silver lining, however. First and foremost, just because suppression of natural cures has and are currently happening, does not mean it will continue to happen. We live in the information age were it is very hard to suppress cures of diseases that are becoming rampant like cancer is. As more people get cancer, particularly advanced stages that doctors say are death sentences, the number that will turn to treatments like this will go up. As more and more of these people become cured, more people will hear about their cases. It will become harder and harder for them to convince people the only hope is in the form of chemo, radiation or surgery — the exact things that lead to the moniker “the cure is worse than the disease.”

Even more promising, it appears the major factor in developing cancer comes from our environment. A recent study conducted on skeletons from ancient Egypt found that cancer was almost non-existent in their culture. This makes sense because we have seen a rise in cancer rates coincide with more dangerous chemicals being introduced into our environments. The key to avoiding being the one in two American’s that gets cancer in their lifetime is to avoid the toxins in our environment. After all, the American public comes into contact with more environmental toxins than any other first world country and we just so happen to also have the highest rate of cancer in the first world.

We must avoid Big Food and their processed and chemical filled “food” products. We must avoid Big Agriculture and their GMO seeds soaked with very dangerous chemical meant to kill weeds and insects. Finally we must avoid Big Pharma and their systemic and often very toxic “medicines”. If we do these things and get back to eating a diet that more closely follows the Gerson Therapy, the need for natural cures of cancer will drastically decline because the cases of cancer will drastically decline themselves.

The key to fighting cancer is knowledge about what causes it and the natural cures for it. Lets start spreading the knowledge!