In the article “Spiritual Revolution” I discussed an interview with actor Rainn Wilson, where he accurately explains how the current systems in place (he uses the political, scientific and economic systems as a few examples) are corrupt and broken. Wilson goes on to say something that I completely agree with: that we need to use “heart based wisdom” to transcend the current broken systems. The rest of that article I explain how these corrupt systems only benefit the few, while harming mankind as a whole and destroying the world as well. It simply is not aligned with our collective consciousness. The overall message of the article was we can manifest change by projecting love based energies (or heart based wisdom) through our thoughts and emotions.

We are already starting to see a paradigm shift in this regard.

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I wanted to talk about this shift in my latest video about Iceland prosecuting high level bankers that caused their financial crisis in 2008. However, this event is really just a microcosm of the overall change that we are seeing as of late. The simple truth is that CEOs of international banking establishments would never be charged, much less found guilty as recently as a few years ago. They were simply above the law because of the how the current systems work.

Nevertheless, it did happen in Iceland and it is not an isolated incident. Events that would never be allowed to happen a few years ago are happening at an accelerated rate now. Examples are: Reports being published from NGO’s and trade unions exposing the corruption and insidious goals of trade agreements; newspapers are exposing governmental protection of the opium trade in Afghanistan; a respected peer-reviewed journal warning about the dangers of GMO crops and chemicals sprayed on them while calling for more independent testing and labeling any food product containing GMOs; and there has been a lot of reporting on the Russian scientists finding an imortal bacteria that may revolutionize many fields of medicine and cost Big Pharma massive amounts of money. These are just a few examples of things that have happened recently that show the paradigm shift is happening and the systems created by the “ruling class” to benefit themselves are failing.

Simply put, our collective consciousness is rising to an energetic level that these systems do not resonate with and will inevitably crumble because of.

You could argue that science is starting to explain this..

Quantum Physics is teaching us things the ancient Egyptian teacher, Hermes Trismegistus taught thousands of years ago:

Everything is energy.

What we perceive as the physical world is really just energy vibrating at different frequencies. Or as Albert Einstein famously put it, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

These vibrating energies that make up the physical world are bound to Universal Laws that Hermes talked about all those years ago. The most popular of these laws today is the Law of Attraction– like energies attract like energies. This concept became popular by books like “The Secret” and authors such as Sandra Ann Taylor, and Dr. Wayne Dyer. They teach people to become more aware of their thoughts and emotions because both produce powerful energy that will attract energies vibrating at similar frequencies. In other words, you will attract more situations that vibrate at the same energetic level that you predominantly focus on. This, of course, only explains one of the Universal Laws, yet others such as the law of intention, also play a huge role in what reality we manifest. However, it does give you a basic understanding of how we influence and determine our reality. Furthermore, we need to understand these basic concepts to understand that the world is in the process of changing and those that consider themselves the “ruling class” can’t stop the changes.

Try as they may, they are going to fail for the reasons presented in the rest of this article.

Most books written about the Universal Laws are geared at people wanting to empower themselves to positively change their own lives. Therefore, most of the books do not go into how these Universal Laws apply to the collective consciousness of humanity.

There are many reasons why the collective consciousness is changing. Many speculate it’s because we are leaving the Astrological Age of Pisces and entering the Age of Aquarius and the earth is being hit with higher vibrating love based energies. I certainly think that is a possibility for causing the positive change. However, this is just speculation and there is not a consensus on when the new age begins. Incidentally, there is something Astrological that is without a question helping destroy these systems designed to give the few power while enslaving the rest of us.

Pluto is in Capricorn.

In astrology, Pluto’s emits energies meant to create transformation, regeneration and rebirth, because it rules over destruction, death, coercion and waste. Pluto also governs and exposes all that is secret and hidden, allowing the people of the world a chance to change things in the house Pluto currently resides in that are not in the best interest of our collective consciousness. Presently that house is Capricorn, which governs societal structures like Corporations (Big Business), the Economy, Governments, Politics, Laws, Religious institutions etc., making Pluto responsible for transforming the corrupt systems in our current world before it leaves Capricorn (2024). Pluto’s energy forces the masses to look inside themselves. When you combine that with exposing the secrets about the corrupted societal structures, you get a very powerful tool to create change.

Pluto forces us to ask “is this right?” and change what is not.

Pluto had been in Capricorn 8 times over the last 2000 years  and it has posed the question “is this right?” at every stop… and at every stop change occurred. Therefore, it is no surprise that we are seeing it happen now. In fact, the financial meltdown happened right after it entered Capricorn in 2008 and we are really starting to see Pluto’s influence in that department with the before mentioned Icelandic trials. Pluto’s impact has not been limited to the Financial or Economic sector either. It is seemingly influencing change in every sector that Capricorn governs:

  1. Government/Politics: Revolts have happened all over the world. The “ruling class” has been able to handle them before any were able to overthrow a tyrannical government, but we are only 1/2 way through Pluto’s time in Capricorn. It is very promising that people around the world are standing up against them. It should also be noted that there have been an unprecedented amount of whistleblowers exposing the insidious activities of the western governments since 2008 (Edward Snowden is the biggest name). We are also seeing more organizations exposing the corruption, as well (as seen by the report about the trade agreements posted above).
  2. Big business: People are losing trust in big business (Big Pharma, Biotech, Big Food, Financial institutions etc.) by the day. We are seeing things that would not happen a few years ago, such as March against Monsanto, demanding GMO labeling in the US , labeling laws in 46 countries, and the overall distrust of these multinational corporations (in every industry) as their collective unethical practices are coming to light. People are simply not standing by anymore and are demanding change.
  3. Economic: As stated a few times, the Icelandic trials are huge because these men were untouchable a few years ago. This really illustrates just how fed up the people are with fiat currency, the fractional reserve economic system and those that run it.  This system and the unethical self-serving behaviors of those that run it, will not be tolerated much longer.
  4. Scientific: This may be the most forgotten aspect effected during Pluto’s previous stays in Capricorn. There have been some very huge advancements in science during these times. Pluto’s current stay in Capricorn is no exception. So far it has been very subtle in that nothing earth shattering has happened, but remember Pluto governs things that have been kept secret and we have seen many examples of secrets in the scientific world being exposed. Unethical scientific practices in the field of Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnologies (GMOs and chemical herbicides) being exposed at an alarming rate (such as: using ghost writers to make up entire studies or conducting them in a way to get a desired outcome). I am starting to see more scientist working on/or talking about cleaner, more effective energy devices that we could start implementing today. All of which would make the much more dangerous and potentially hazardous forms of energy we currently use (like oil, coal and nuclear) obsolete. Examples of this science are Stan Meyer’s water powered car, Tesla’s free energy devices and the various examples given by the Venus Project. In the field of medicine, scientists are reporting on things that could destroy Big Pharma and the allopathic medical model. Many of these doctors have died of mysterious causes, but the information is getting out!

I have no doubt in my mind that these repressive systems are on borrowed time. Whether it is because of Plutonian energies, energies from the newly started Age of Aquarius, or simply because enough people are living in a constant state of love-based energies, that it raised our collective consciousness; it does not matter. What does matter is that our consciousness has risen and is continuing to do so. These systems (and people who run them) are beginning to not resonate with the vibrational frequencies of our collective consciousness (or the collective consciousness of the planet).  Again, at a certain point these systems being out of resonance will cause them to crumble.

This is not to say that the ruling class will simply give up without a fight, they have been the de-facto rulers of this planet for millennia, so they are going to try to keep us in the lower vibrational frequency needed to continue their rule. These people are very good at using the Media (which they of course own) to fear monger people into things such as war or giving up our freedoms for the illusion of protection. The Media is also an expert at using divisionary tactics to get us to fight amongst ourselves over meaningless things, like which bought and paid for candidate is the best presidential choice so we don’t turn to the real threat– THEM, the “ruling class”. Make no mistake, they are very good at conditioning people to do as they want, which always means staying in lower, fear-based vibrational frequencies. However, it is just not working as well these days. Sure, there are still a lot of people who buy into the rigged political system that think all we need is to get the right person in the white house and all will be fixed. This, of course, is a fallacy because all the candidates that receive any publicity are puppets of the ruling clas– it’s all theater.

With that being said, everyday I see a growing number of people who realize every system in place today is holding back mankind from its true potential. We need a complete overhaul where we replace these “service to self” based systems with ones that are a “service to everyone” (including our planet, its ecosystems and wildlife). This is simple for many of us focused on transforming these systems and living in love-based energies to not allow the ruling classes to succeed with their last-ditch effort to maintain control.

So, if you ever find yourself in a situation were you are thinking nothing will change– stop. Take a deep breath while centering yourself in love-based thoughts and emotions because these systems are going to crumble away. And in its place will be an Age of Enlightenment!