by A. Phoenix

When it comes to coincidences, do you think they are meaningful?

I watch shows about police trying to catch murders, rapists and thieves quite a bit

And when a cop finds out, hey, this suspect was at the site of the crime

right around the time that it happened …

Do they shrug and say, eh, that’s only a coincidence. Nothing to see there.

And then stop looking?

When it comes to vaccinations…

When a child dies and they have received one or several shots

right around the time of death…

Why are we so quick to cry coincidence and stop looking?

Are we afraid of what we will see?

Are we afraid that what we did as parents to protect our children

Killed them instead?

Well, that would make it our responsibility…

Because we believed the lies

And we brought our child in for that supposedly so safe treatment

And that is just too much to bear

But bear it we must, because there is nothing less than our future children at stake

Nothing less than the future of humanity

And we have to take responsibility for our choices

We need to recognize the chain of events and


To determine if there is causation or truly coincidence

Interesting that there are 130 ways for an infant to die in their diagnostic codes

And not a single one of those is a vaccine

And yet on the inserts of those drugs

It states clearly that deaths were observed post administration of the vaccine (here and here)


And several more of these infants developed seizures and fevers


And many more of these infants developed allergies


And many more of these infants developed breathing problems

And digestive problems

And thinking problems

And social problems


And many of these children growing up became obese


And many many more of these children developed cancer


Online Yoga Classes

And many more of these adults developed autoimmune problems

Became allergic to the substances of self


Yes, quite by coincidence, the human body decided it’s own tissues were foreign

And decided to amount an immune assault upon our own tissues

In our very own body

And it has absolutely nothing to do with the substances we inject

Directly in to our own tissues

To artificially stimulate immunity

To a couple of rashes, and fevers and coughs

That are only very rarely fatal in already healthy individuals (11)

Though they will take out the weak ones

And make the rest of us stronger

Natural selection

But supposedly to prevent the weakest of us from dying

We inject everyone with drugs

Containing viral fragments and preservatives and stabilizers and foreign DNA

In a widespread, mandatory universal, manner

There is marketing pressure with advertising everywhere

Our health care professionals are wined and dined and incentivized

Our government penalizes if the rates begin falling

By withholding necessary funds

Lobbyists with coffers full of cash

Baked by front groups with friendly names representing pharmaceutical interests

Grease the wheels of the revolving doors

And the money flows, oh how it flows

They bought the absence of liability for the vaccines

And they bought the vaccine mandates

And they bought the good intentions of the physicians

And they bought the fear of mortality of the population

And they fund hate of those who would resist

And they fund fear of those who would resist

And they fund eliminations of exemptions for those who would resist

While in black and white inserts they state death is possible

Mainly in the weak, but really it’s just coincidence

People just die all the time for no good reason, don’t you know

No causes, just coincidences

Coincidences everywhere