Recently the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment sent out this shocking letter to parents statewide:


The health department told the local Denver CBS affiliate the letters were inaccurate and only meant to inform parents that Colorado’s House Bill 1164 had passed. However, this seems like deflection after the letters created public outrage because the bill had not even reached the senate floor when they sent out the first letters.

Colorado House Bill 1164

This bill would require parents to register their vaccine-exemption forms to the states Department of Health, who would then make a registry of all unvaccinated kids in the state!

The face of the lobby vigorously opposing  the bill was probably National Vaccine Information Center’s Theresa Wrangham, who states:

“It’s a data grab. They want to populate the vaccine registry and they want to know exactly who’s exempting from which vaccines, where they live and I think it’s a harassment technique,”

She goes on to state:

“This is misleading to parents and it’s drawing a line of discrimination against those who take these exemptions. It is their legal right to take an exemption and now we’re going to trick them into a registry and be tracked,”

Ultimately the letters created an outcry from angry parents not willing to let this unconstitutional invasion of privacy stand, which lead to the bill dying. However, Senator Kevin Lundberg, a Republican, opposed the bill stated this:

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“I find it curious that the House has already killed 1164, whereas the health department has already implemented the provisions of 1164 in law on their website stating that by July 1, parents will be required to register online. This online registration system is in complete violation of current statute. They don’t have the authority to require an online registration.”

Draconian, Orwellian, and Totalitarian are the first words that come to mind after reading this quote. Even if the state legislature passed the bill creating a registry like this it would still be completely unconstitutional and against HIPPA privacy laws. However, in this case the government actually looked out for the people’s rights. But  the Department of Health, an unconstitutional agency with appointed and not elected officials, have taken it upon themselves to try to force the registry on the populous of Colorado!! We simply must not allow them to get away with this or eventually every state will have similar registries.