The Passing of the Dark Act – Just a Minor Setback

Last year I talked about how Vermont passed a GMO labeling bill forcing ingredient labels to indicate all ingredients in any food product that come from Genetically Engineered crop. This was monumental for a couple reasons. Firstly, the bill was the first “stand-alone” state bill that passed, which means Vermont did not need neighboring states to also pass mandatory labeling laws before …


The Ancient Origins of The Law of Attraction.

I often find myself talking to others about the power of the Law of Attraction– the principle of ‘like energies can only attract like energies’. In fact, I briefly went over this in my last article, when talking about how important it is to be aware of your thoughts and emotions. However, the Law of …


Spiritual Revolution

I recently came across a 2011 interview of Rainn Wilson (from the TV show the office) where he talks about how he sees a spiritual revolution coming. I really enjoyed watching Rainn and his fellow cast mates in the office but I have new-found respect for him after watching this short video. He points out …


My Experience with a Unique Meditation Technique

Like so many others before me that started on this journey of enlightenment and search for true knowledge, I became stressed or saddened after I first realized everything we are taught in school is virtually wrong. Our health system actually causes people to be in far worse health– while suppressing cures to most diseases. We have had the …

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