Despite having several articles ready for a final edit, it has been 6 months since I have published an article.

At first, the lack of articles was because my wife was entering the 3rd trimester with our first child. Since, I have dyslexia, and am prone to spelling and grammatical mistakes that I will often miss proofreading, my wife proofreads/edits my articles. However, as the pregnancy entered the last stages we just seemed to run out of time for her to get any editing done.

Then the unthinkable happened.

On the early morning of May 16th, a mere 6 hours after he was born, our son passed away.

This article is really not about that. Writing an article about his journey in life and what went wrong, is something I will eventually do. However, I am not sure I can write it in the way I would want right now because of legal ramifications. Therefore, this article is more to update readers of this site about why I have not written in a long time, and to give my ideas on where I see the direction this site will go in the future.



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When I started this site I never wanted to focus on one subject, because we are lied to about almost everything. This is especially true in areas that give people eminent power over the people. Therefore, the goal of this site was to expose as many of the lies taught to us about a wide range of subject matters.

Moreover, the intention of this site was to only focus on governmental or industry lies/propaganda a small amount of the time, while also writing positive/uplifting articles geared to change the world for the better. However, leading up to the 6 month absence, most my articles focused solely on the deceit or evil plans of big business and the government. Rarely did I spend time writing uplifting articles like I would when I started this site.

To me, this is unacceptable.

There is no question it is important to know of the draconian laws that politicians are trying to pass, or the latest thing Monsanto is doing in an attempt to completely control the food supply. These things are important to know, because again, you can’t stop something when you don’t know it’s happening.

Nevertheless, it is even more important to continue to write articles about things like:

  • hidden technologies like Stan Meyers water-powered car, that would kill all notions that we NEED oil;
  • the Law of Attraction, which might be what someone needs to unplug from the fear-based main 24/7 modern news cycle and be more cognizant on their thoughts;
  • Our hidden ancient past, which I believe is a subject that would open many people’s eyes to the true mysteries of our origins.
  • Or the true amazing health benefits of Super-foods, which would weaken Big Pharma’s hold over our health.

Therefore, I am going to try to focus more on uplifting/positive subjects like the ones I just mentioned. Hopefully, this will bring change to the world by highlighting these hidden things that benefit mankind. Moreover, I feel like I owe it to my son to not focus my articles on mostly negative subject matters, because grieving his loss is already extremely draining and negative enough– I don’t need to focus on more negativity.

So, expect articles soon. And expect far more that are uplifting and positive.