Earlier today (November 19th) the FDA approved the first ever GMO animal for human consumption, the    AquAdvantage Salmon. This particular “animal drug” (as the FDA is terrifyingly classifying it as) has had its genetics manipulated to have it grow faster.

Recently,  a few American peer-reviewed journals published studies or scientific papers that questioned the safety of GMOs and the claim by the FDA that GMO crops were the “substantial equivalent” to its organic counterpart (which is what the FDA used to justify them not needing to receive pre-market safety studies before their approval!). In both incidences the studies concluded that more rigorous, independent studies are needed before they can conclude GMO crops are safe.

Coincidentally, many scientists also have the same concerns over the safety of humans consuming Genetically Modified animals. However, the FDA concluded “no biologically relevant differences were observed in the general (e.g., proximates, including total protein and total fat) or detailed (e.g., specific amino acids, fatty acid ratios of fatty acids, including omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids) composition of food from AquAdvantage Salmon and other non-GE farm-raised Atlantic salmon.” In other words, they are making the “substantial equivalence” claim because they share basic nutritional components. This is exactly what they did to claim the consumption of GMO seeds were safe. However, the before mentioned study clearly shows how this is not accurate and used flawed science to come to that conclusion. Nevertheless, the FDA is doing it again to approve the first GM animal for human consumption and in doing so will make GM salmon exempt from long-term safety studies!

If the FDA actually did what they claim to do (protect the people from the industrialized food industry) they would put the onus of proof on the industry to prove their products are safe before they introduce them into the food supple. However, what really happens is they have used very flawed science to deem GM Salmon the same as its organic counterpart, in doing so it puts the onus of proof on the skeptics in the future to prove the salmon are dangerous.

This is pseudoscience at its best!

At a certain point we are going to have to stand up to so called regulatory agencies that don’t have our best interest at heart and continuously make rulings that benefit the industries that they claim to regulate. Let me make one thing clear, however, I am not calling for an armed revolt against them or achieving this through violence.   This, like everything today, is a war of knowledge. People need to understand that the FDA is untrustworthy and do not protect us.

A good thing we have on our side is that scientists are already speaking out about the dangers of GMOs; most predominate examples come from the European scientific community, which lead to the banning of GMOs in many countries. Until recently, we have not seen the same from the US scientific community because the biotech industry is much more powerful in the US, making it easier for them to suppress any unwanted publicity regarding GMOs. Nevertheless, as we start to see more prominent American peer-reviewed journals publishing article and studies that expose the dangers of GMO foods the more Americans will demand that we rid of them all together, just like our European counterparts.

As people who want to make this world a better place for future generations, our job is to inform as many people as we can  about the dangers of GMO foods and the untrustworthiness of the FDA because if we want to manifest a better world, without toxic foods, we need to take action and knowledge is power!


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