Last year we brought you news of California becoming the first state to try to make laws that would attempt to force vaccinate the population. Sadly,  it did not end with California, many states have jumped on board with the latest being Hawaii, who introduced 5 different bills dealing with forced vaccination. Many of these bills are in the very early stages, three of which have public hearing this week (the first hearing was today February 2) so there is still time to stop these bills in their tracks before they can do any harm.

HB 1722 summary reads

“Requires ALL public school students to be immunized, except for cases in which the immunization would endanger the life or health of a child. Exempts students attending private schools and home schools from immunization requirements.”

This one will undoubtedly  be fought if passed because every vaccine “endangers the life or health of a child”. To think otherwise is to think every child has the same capabilities of excreting the various toxins inside of vaccines and that every child has the same threshold before they start experiencing the toxicological effects (think “adverse reactions” or “side effects”) of being poisoned by said toxins.

SB 2316 is a particularly dangerous bill because it deals with a vaccine linked to many different very harmful “adverse reactions”, the HPV vaccine.  Here is  the pertinent section about this dangerous vaccine:

“Beginning with the 2017-2018 school year, no child shall attend seventh grade unless the child presents to the appropriate school official written documentation from a licensed physician or advanced practice registered nurse showing the child has received at least one dosage of the human papillomavirus vaccine before the date of attendance. A child may attend school provisionally upon submitting written documentation from a licensed physician, advanced practice registered nurse, or authorized representative of the department of health stating that the child is in the process of receiving a vaccination; provided that further documentation showing that the required vaccination has been completed shall be submitted to the appropriate school official no later than three months after the child first attends seventh grade.”

The scary thing about force vaccinating every kid with the HPV vaccine is it was created to prevent cervical, vaginal, and vulvar cancers in women by stopping  the human papillomavirus (HPV), claimed to cause these forms of cancer.  The only problem is that none of the strains of HPV have been proven to actually cause cancer. Nevertheless,  the vaccine is now being used to fight penile cancer (as seen in the opening paragraph of the bill).  So, we went from having a dangerous vaccine only given to girls, to now having it given to both sexes and they want to make it mandatory before entering middle school!

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(Unfortunately, the public hearing  was today at 9:45 a.m. in Room 229.)

SB 2393 states that the local Department of Health should not create laws regarding vaccinations inside the state and the United States Department of Health and Human Services vaccine recommendations should be used instead.

Given the potential for communicable diseases to spread rapidly, it is incumbent upon states to adopt the Department of Health and Human Services’ recommendations as quickly as possible. The legislature therefore finds that the rapeal of rules regarding the Department of Health and Human Services’ immunization recommendations outweighs the public notice, hearing, and comment requirements  of the State’s rulemaking procedures under chapter 91, Hawaii Revised Statutes. 

So much for the Tenth Amendment …

(Public hearing: for this bill is Thursday, February 4, 2016 at 9:00 a.m. in Room 229.)

HB 1945 and SB 2394 are both bills involving health care professionals receiving mandatory yearly flu vaccinations. The personnel will need to show a medical exemption  signed by a doctor and will need to wear a mask during flu season.  So, it is really nothing new regarding health care professionals that refuse these shots. What is great news however is that they needed to make bills for this in the first place. Often when we argue against the safety and effectiveness of vaccines ignorance of the subject is used to try to discredit us. We are told we simply do not understand the science, and those that do all agree vaccines are the best medical innovation of all time. However, when medical professionals are starting to stand up and refuse vaccines themselves — well, the ignorance argument loses a lot of steam. One would also assume that a lot of medical practitioners are refusing the vaccines, otherwise there would be no need to write one much less 2 bills  about it.

(Pubic hearing for this bill is Thursday, February 4, 2016 at 9:00 am. in Room 229.)

Hawaii is just the latest state proposing these mandatory vaccination bills  and they will not be the last. As more people continue to awaken to the ills of vaccines  the pharmaceutical industry will push for more and more state and national laws to force vaccinate. We must not become overwhelmed or frustrated by this and realize that it is a last-ditch effort to maintain their control. What we must focus on is informing people about the dangers and ineffectiveness of the vaccines because a knowledgeable population is what is going to finally rid the world of vaccines once and for all.