Natural Grocers: The Grocery Store of the Future

The number of people becoming more conscious of what they put into their bodies is growing more by the day– and with it, people are trading in a diet full of processed foods with dangerous ingredients (most of which you can’t even pronounce), for a healthy diet with organic, whole foods. The unfortunate thing is GMO crops have traditionally been much cheaper than organic …


Thunder God Vein- The Mighty Cancer Killing Herb

Cancer. Is there any disease that has affected our society more than cancer? Most people know at least one person who has fallen victim to cancer. Many have bought into the claim that the only way to fight this disease is via extremely toxic drugs that kill the immune system. We have all heard the …


29 Holistic Doctors Poisoned at German Conference

Over the Labor Day weekend, 29 holistic doctors attended a Holistic Medical Conference in Hamburg, Germany. The conference abruptly ended when the doctors began showing signs of amphetamine poisoning. In total, 15 ambulances came to transport the doctors, who were experiencing symptoms including delusions, breathing problems, racing hearts and cramps. Some of which were life threatening symptoms and a …


School District Becomes First to Serve ALL Organic Meals

The Sausalito Marin City School District became the first school district in the nation to serve only organic and non-GMO meals. According to the nonprofit called Turning Green, the two schools in the school district began their all organic meals on the August 27th, 2015. Turning Green and The Conscious Kitchen started a pilot program in …


7 Natural Antibiotics that Should be in Every Home

It seems the overuse of man-made synthetic antibiotics has opened the door for the current “super bacteria” problem facing our culture. What has happened is the bacteria have evolved to become resistant to these man-made antibiotics. The industries answer to nature adapting to our synthetic antibiotics? Is always to make more  man-made synthetic antibiotics to …


Three “Alternative” or Holistic Doctors from Florida Found Dead in a 10 Day Span

There has been a decisive push to mandate vaccines to all Americans without any exemptions. In California, for instance, they passed a bill and quickly signed it into law, which states that the only exemption allowed to enter any public school (daycare through high school) is the medical exemption. Dr. Mercola’s article on the ramifications of this law explains how hard …


Organic vs. GMO: Food Fight

Monsanto’s GMO seeds and the deadly chemicals that are sprayed on them is something I have spent a lot of time writing about, so I figured it was time to actually explain the difference between GMO seeds and organic seeds. In hindsight, this should have probably been written before the Monsanto series, however, it is never too late to discuss the half-truths, misinformation and outright lies …


The 6 Most Amazing Uses for Hemp that Can Change the World

Hemp has been vilified for decades and when the U.S. government enacted the prohibition of its cousin, Cannabis, they decided to group the two together and ban both. There is zero reason for this prohibition of Hemp, because unlike Cannabis, Hemp doesn’t produce THC– in other words it can not get you high. Even though its prohibition is portrayed as …

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