Money is something that is a fact of life. If you have enough of it, you can do whatever you want (as long as it is lawful). Although for the majority, money hinders us from truly being free to do what makes us happy. We spend so much time worrying about how we are going to “make” it that we don’t really think about what it actually is.

From a very early age we’re told that money is something we can’t live without. That somehow if money were to go away, the world would implode into itself or at the very least, chaos and mayhem will ensue. Most of us accept this without much thought, as though money is a fundamental necessity like food, water and oxygen.

When I bring up the idea of becoming a world without money, I’m almost always told that this is a Utopian dream. The word Utopian is almost always said in a negative connotation. You see, here in the US, the school system teaches us to associate a Utopian society with that of the “evil” Socialist ran societies. However, here is the thing, Socialism like capitalism, communism, and Marxism etc… are economic systems. All these economic systems sound great on paper, but in reality, none are great for the common people. A common goal becomes clear after the systems have been in place for a while. That goal being, to take the real wealth from the lower and middle classes (material things that actually exist, like land) and redistribute it to the “ruling class”. If you look at the history of countries with these  economic systems in place, you will find that this redistribution of wealth happens every time.

These systems are all called different names and have different rhetoric, but are all basically the same. We just think they are different because we are indoctrinated at a very young age to think there is a difference. This way people in the different countries will defend their particular economic system for being the best model.

However, since money is essential to any economic system, a system without money cannot logically be associated with an economic model or system. Furthermore, since all the current economic models end with the redistribution of true wealth from the lower and middle classes to the ruling class, I think it is time to at least start looking into a more Utopian model that gets rid of money altogether.

Lets look at what money specifically is and how it’s used today as a weapon to enslave us.

What is money


Blacks Law Dictionary defines money as: “coins and paper currency used as circulating medium of exchange, and does not embrace notes, bonds, evidences of debt, or other personal or real estate.”

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Before money, bartering was the only other option you had to exchange for goods and service.  Although, bartering did come with some limitations. Such as, if you were a fisherman in a town with only one butcher and you wanted to trade your fish for his beef but he didn’t want fish, you would have to find something he would trade his beef for and trade your fish for it. Bartering on long trips also could cause some issues. To counter these shortcomings, there was a need for the invention of the man-made construct called money as a way to trade goods and exchange for services more easily.

Back in the not so distant past, you were able to go into a bank with your monetary bills and exchange them for silver or gold. Hence, the term “Money was backed by gold”. This was good for two distinct reasons,

  1. The monetary bills actually had some value in the real world outside the paper it’s printed on.
  2. This made it harder (but not impossible) for the ruling class to manipulate the value of the money supply to create an advantageous situation for themselves.

Under very ethically questionable circumstances (most of Congress was on winter leave when they quickly voted on it and got President Wilson to sign it), the “Federal Reserve Act” passed in December of 1913. As of late, many treasonous bills have become laws, but when it comes to the level of treason, the “Federal Reserve Act “is only surpassed by the mostly unknown “Act of 1861”. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913  directly defies laws found in the constitution, the supreme law of the land. Thus, the law by definition, is unlawful!

Article I, Section 8, Clause 5, of the Constitution pertains to the powers given to congress, it states: “To coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, and fix the standard of weights and measures;”  The lawfulness of paper money is one that is debatable, but what is not debatable is who has the power to create money — Congress.

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 takes away Congress’s ability to create lawful money and places it in the hands of international banking families and their privately owned banks (the Federal Reserve System also know as the FED)! As a result, the international banker’s quickly replaced gold and silver backed money called the dollar, with a fiat monetary system where they create something called the Federal Reserve Note.

These Federal Reserve Note’s are really IOU’s, meaning they are debt; the numbers on the bills indicating what amount the US Government owes to the owners of the privately owned Federal Reserve. Therefore, not only is this independent bank unconstitutional, it makes unlawful money, according to blacks law dictionary as well.

How the FED works

When the federal government needs more money, instead of making more interest free gold-backed currency themselves, they go to the FED and ask for a loan of their debt-based Federal Reserve Notes. The FED then goes to their computers to type in the amount and hits enter…

And poof… They created “money” out of thin air.

This monopoly money, known as the Federal Reserve Notes, are then loaned out to the government at interest.

The genius of this system is the government cannot just pay back this fake money with the equal amount of fake money they “borrowed”. Oh no, they need to pay back an amount over what they “borrowed”. Here is the problem, that extra amount, known as interest, does not exist yet. Therefore, if all the debt from these IOU’s were called in and repaid, the FED would still be owed an astrological amount of money. In other words, without borrowing more money it is impossible to repay, which inturn causes the government to get loans over and over.

It’s effectively the worlds biggest Ponzi-Scheme.

When the US government can’t repay the ridiculous amount of loans, and go bankrupt like they did in the early 1930’s, the FED collects what the government used as collateral to borrow their made-out-of-thin-air, Federal Reserve Notes. In the case of the 1933 bankruptcy, they collected all the gold in the United States.

Clearly, this can only be described as theft on a grand scale. These international banker’s are loaning their “funny money”, which has no intrinsic value, and when it cannot be paid back (and again, it is impossible to ever be paid back) they collect things with actual intrinsic value, such as gold, land, oil and corporations etc.

Moreover,  this Federal Reserve System is not just in the US. It is the system that the World Bank, International Monetary Funds, and The Bank of International Settlements, have established in almost every country in the World. Hence, if we allow this system to play out, it would result in EVERY country being bankrupt and paying the before-mentioned international banks their actual real world wealth.

Some of you may be thinking that this is a crime against humanity, but we are not slaves to them. However, there is more than one version of slavery. The most thought of for of slavery is where slaves are held captive and in chains. This is overt slavery, which makes the slaves more likely to rise up and revolt. Transversely, the “debt slavery” (for lack of a better term) is covert slavery and most people don’t even know it’s happening. This ensures that a revolt is very unlikely to happen. We may not have chains on, but as long as we play by their rules and continue to accept their unlawful fiat currency, we are slaves to them.

For those that think I am being to lenient with my definition of slavery, the Oxford dictionary defines slavery as: “A person who is excessively dependent upon or controlled by something:”  It cannot be logically argued that we are not excessively dependent on the international banker’s unlawful currency. In fact, their money is not the only thing that we are excessively dependent on them for. We also need their oil to travel, their electricity to power our houses (it is actually illegal to go off their power grid!), and if Monsanto and Nestle get their way, we will also be excessively dependent on them for our food and water too (although it can be argued that we already are).

These are just a few examples showing how we are excessively dependent on these international bankers (I showed how they own these industries I just mentioned in this article) for a lot of things we need to survive. However, nothing comes close to their fiat currency. We literally need it to purchase all the other things I mentioned.

When  people start realizing how the “game” is rigged, they will often think “well money, and some kind of economic system, are still needed.” However, this plays right into the international bankers hands because they are always plotting behind the scenes. They already have the next system all set up and are waiting for the best time to use their propaganda arm, known as the Main Stream Media, to convince us it is needed. All signs point to the next system being a One World currency, that will be completely paper and coin-less.

You see, no matter what system we set up, these greedy and inhuman people have (and always will )find a way to gain control of the economic system and become de-facto rulers because of this. This has happened for at least the last 1000 years and will not stop. These people are not like you and I, they are sociopathic and only care about themselves. More precisely, they only care about gaining personal power and do not care who gets hurt in the process.

The only way to free ourselves is to take away the power from the sociopaths, which means ending money and all economic systems completely.

Yes, I know how crazy it sounds.

And no, I do not think it will be easy.

Nevertheless, after a lot deep thought, this seemingly crazy idea, is actually the only way to achieve true freedom and evolve as a society. In fact, if we don’t take this action, we are going to inevitably destroy ourselves and the planet in the process. That may seem fear-mongerish, but lets face it, if we allow the international  bankers to continue to control the money supply, we will continue the cycle of never-ending wars, which profit the international banker, for a number of reasons. Moreover, all the technology that actually benefits mankind (such as Stan Meyer’s car than runs on water or Telsa’s free energy device) will always be suppressed because the much more environmentally damaging technologies, like the oil-ran cars and nuclear power plants, benefit these international banker by making us dependent on them.

How do we create a society without money?

This is a subject that needs a whole lot more than the conclusion of one article to answer. So, I will have to give a quick review of how Jacques Fresco (the “futurist” who first came up with this concept) outlined this transition happening in his book The Venus Project: The Redesign of a Culture.

Fresco points out robotics replacing human workers has happened for decades and will continue to do so. Ergo, in Fresco’s money-less world, people being replaced by robots in the workplace is a good thing, because it frees up the person to do the things they love. After all, I have never heard anyone argue that the purpose of life is to spend 40+ hours a week doing remedial tasks that you hate, all so you can receive worthless paper that may or may not barely pay the bills anyway.

Furthermore, Fresco explains his very thought out system that utilizes the most efficient way to use the world researches and technology, so we can all share them, as opposed to the current system where a few people hoard these things from everyone else.

Many tell me that even if we can utilize the technology that have been suppressed that would make most jobs go away, there are still many jobs like teachers, engineers to repair and build the robotics, and architects etc. that will still be needed and the people doing them will need an incentive to work. I quickly tell them you need an incentive to work if you hate your job, however, when you love what you do that is the only incentive you need. Hence, in a money-less society, artist will still make art, teachers will still want to teach, healers will still want to heal, inventors will still want to invent, and engineers and architects will still want to build. The only things that people will not want to do are remedial jobs and those will all be outsourced to robotics.

In conclusion, this is a very Utopian idea — which we may or may not have the technology to currently install –but if it is in our means to make a society that is as close to perfect as we can, that makes everyone equal and truly free, why in the world would we not strive for that?


For those interested in who the FED was created or the concept of a money-less society look at this books.