Personalized New Years resolutions are something we all hear about this time of year. Whether the resolution is simple and easy to carry out or one that is drastic and seemingly far-fetched to others, it is always a good idea to want to set goals with the intent to make you evolve as a person and change for the better. The focal point of this article is not from a personal resolution perspective, but instead from a more collective resolution perspective. Ultimately, the goal when setting collective resolutions would be to come up with ideas such as: ending all wars, curing chronic disease, improving overall living conditions world-wide, etc.. However, the only way to do that is to inform the people of the world about the apparatuses and mechanisms in place that are stopping us from achieving these lofty goals and in doing so evolving as a race. Therefore, these articles about collective resolutions are really more about what we collectively must understand to achieve the before mentioned resolutions. With that being said, each article will focus on things holding us back from having a peaceful world filled with healthy humans that are living in the best possible conditions. The health aspect of the equation is the focus of this article.

The Food Supply

In today’s world, and more specifically in the United States, our collective health is getting progressively worse. The likes of the Main Stream Media, the modern industrialized food complex and Allopathic medicine will have you believe this is normal and expected because  we are now living longer. But it is clear our health has suffered drastically as we get farther away from a diet made of whole foods and substituting with a more processed diet full of dangerous chemicals .

In the 50’s, the traditional diet full of healthy fats was actually deemed harmful to our health. Enter the fat-free and low-fat era and with it the decline in overall health in America. The saddest thing about the situation is that the fat-free and low-fat diets did not start because of faulty scientific method. No– the reason it started was because a scientist named Dr. Ancel intentionally left out data showing high fat diets did not lead to heart issues. In actuality, the data showed the populations with the highest intake of saturated fats had very good heart health. Dr. Ancel’s work was great for the companies making the less expensive chemical-filled margarine that quickly replaced the vilified butter, but it hurt the consumers health. All in the name of corporate profit!

The fat-free diet is not the only dietary change we have seen over the last few decades that have led to the decreased overall health. We also saw companies go away from natural sugar and go towards artificial sugar and sugar in the form of High Fructose Corn Syrup(HFCS). This is another case of the food industry trying to help their bottom line in a way that hurts our health. Not only is the artificial sugar and HFCS cheaper to make, it is much sweeter making it far more addictive, leading to people craving it more. It is no surprise that the rise of obesity in the Untied States goes hand in hand with HFCS being introduced in the food supply. Additionally, the most popular artificial sweetener used today is aspartame, which is possibly the most harmful chemical allowed in the food supply. As of today, aspartame has 92 known side effects– the worst being death. I don’t know about you, but death is a pretty serious “side effect”. This also brings up another question; for something that is only good for making food really sweet and has no biological function in the body, how many “side effects” are needed before we realize this is a toxic substance that just happens to also be sweet? At a certain point we need to stop using industry marketing terms like “side effects” and realize the reactions are the EFFECTS of being poisoned. Simply put, eating too much sugar is bad for us, however the solution is not to replace it with a cheaper more dangerous sweetener. That is just asinine! The solution is to limit your good, natural sugar intake.

Then there is the before mentioned processed foods…

Not only has the food industry managed to get us to fear healthy fats and eat unnatural and very unhealthy sugar alternatives, they also got us addicted to a highly processed diet, in turn, introduced dangerous chemicals to our food supply.

All in the name of corporate profit.

Just how bad is the processed food in the United States you ask? The FDA has a big history of allowing chemicals that are banned overseas into our marketplace in the US (more on that in future article) and our food supply is not different. In the book, Rich Food Poor Food: The Ultimate Grocery Purchasing System, nutritionist Mira Calton and her husband Jayson Calton, Ph.D spent 6 years looking at the chemicals used in the processed food industry and came up with a list of the most dangerous chemicals allowed in the US that are banned elsewhere. This appalling list includes artificial food coloring mostly made from coal-tar, chemicals such as Olestra (aka Olean) used as an additive for fat-free foods that actually deplete the levels of fat-soluble vitamins and carotenoids, a chemical called Azodicarbonamide used to bleach flour that linked to asthma among other ailments, synthetic hormones injected into animals like the Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH), Potassium bromate used as a flour bulking agent that reduced the time needed to bake but is a associated with kidney and nervous system disorders as well as gastrointestinal discomfort, and my personal favorite: Arsenic. Yep, they allow arsenic in the feed they give to chickens that are being farmed for human consumption!

You can’t write a section on the dangers of our food supply without talking about Monsanto and the biotech industry. Monsanto has a long history of claiming their products are safe and producing mountains of “studies” to provide it, only to later be sued because their products are actually proven to be deadly. Moreover, the court cases always uncover evidence showing that they knew the products were in fact extremely dangerous, but kept producing them because it would hurt their bottom line not to. In the past, their deadly products were confined to chemicals used in agriculture or warfare (agent orange). However, they expanded their influence more directly on the food supply in the 1990’s. First by making genetically engineered rBGH, then by making genetically engineered seeds.

Call me crazy, but allowing  a company who has only made products that harm people and the environment in order take over the food supply might just be a bit on the dangerous side.

Yet here we are…

The good news is more people are waking up to Monsanto’s deadly products and are fighting back. I have written often about people wanting to know if GM crops are in the food they eat and how more studies are coming out to show GMO crops are dangerous – just like every other Monsanto creation. However, as of late, the most promising thing that has happened regarding Monsanto was civil groups charging them with crimes against humanity and the environment! This is not just an empty charge and there will be a ‘Monsanto Tribunal’  heard in front of The Hague next October, on World Food Day!

Regaining our health is so important and to do so it must start with eating better. However, the people who run many companies inside the industrialized food complex can only be describe as evil; they use very deceitful tactics to trick people who are trying to eat better by avoiding the products they know are bad.  For instance, as more people found out about the dangers of HFCS they started buying from companies that were excluding it. This lead some companies wanting this demographic to start buying from them again without hurting their bottom line by having to use the more expensive cane sugar or stevia. So they started adding the newer more dangerous Fructose (made with 90% fructose and 10% glucose) to their products while boldly claiming HFCS free– which was technically true but they forgot to mention it was replaced with an even more dangerous version! Many companies inside the complex also started giving millions to help fight the labeling propositions that started popping up all over the US as more people want to avoid GMO foods. When the companies donations became public they used the Grocery Manufacturers Association to try to hide the amount of money they donated from the consumer.The sad truth is most companies inside this industrialized food industry do not care about the consumers wants. Even more appalling is that they are OK with producing a toxic product as long as it saves them money.

Nevertheless, I for one, truly see the change already starting in this department. People want to become more healthy and are starting to not take no for an answer. I fully expect Monsanto to take a massive hit this year. Maybe even a catastrophic hit. This will be a huge win in humanities attempt to regain our collective health.

Toxins are not medicine.

Common sense and logic dictate that we should avoid toxins and not put them in our bodies via our foods. However, our food supply is not the only current product that toxins are purposely inserted. In fact, toxins in food are not even the scariest group they are put in. That distinction belongs to the medical field!

Our bodies need nutrients to run properly, ancient teachers like Hippocrates knew this and used different foods, herbs and tonics to heal. That all changed in the early 20th century when John D Rockefeller orchestrated a hostel take over of the medical schools, changing their curriculum from a homeopathic course load to one that feathered an almost exclusive Allopathic course load. This change almost completely removed nutrition from the curriculum replacing it with pharmacology.

From this point forward our medical system has turned to Big Pharma to heal people. The doctors (for the most part) actually want to help people heal and their schooling has them legitimately believing the best way to do this is through pharmaceuticals. However, Big Pharma is like the industrialized food complex and every other big industry… they only care about their bottom line. Unfortunately, curing people is in direct opposition to their bottom line which needs an ample supply of return costumers– meaning sick people in this case. Simply put, if they made drugs that acrually worked, they would lose money. Additionally, making drugs that will have a laundry list of “side effects” will lead to future costumers to “treat” the “side effects” from their synthetic drugs.

Sadly, constant fear mongering from the media about cancer leads to many people believing the only way to fight it is to use the very toxic drugs that are known to kill the immune system and cause other more dangerous cancers. Making matter worse, doctors believe there is no other way to fight cancer besides the use this barbaric technique because of their bought and paid for curriculum. The truth is, as more chemicals have entered our environment, as we became more industrialized the cancer rates have risen. We are at the point that an expected 1 in 2 American men and 1 in 3 American woman will get cancer in their lifetime. As the stats get worse, people accept using extremely dangerous toxins as a way to kill the cancer cells while hopefully not killing them in the process. All because they think it is the only way to fight cancer. Nevertheless, there have been many known cures for cancer that are always suppressed because it will kill the 100 plus billion dollar a year cancer industry. In other words we simply do not need to live by the cancer treatment mantra “the cure is worse than the disease”!

The use of extremely dangerous material in “medicines” is not isolated to the cancer ward of Big Pharma. Sadly, we find neurotoxins like fluoride inside newer synthetic antibiotics to fight off the so-called “super bacteria” that evolved to become immune to the older synthetic antibiotics. Interestingly enough, most of this resistant bacteria will still be killed by natural antimicrobial foods.

Although, as harmful as “medicines” with fluoride can be, I still think there is no comparison to toxin filled vaccines. I have spent many hours writing about the ill effects, lack of independent ethically ran safety and effectiveness trials and all the propaganda coming from the vaccine industry… I don’t want to spend much time rehashing everything (those that want to look at articles specific to these things can find them here).

What I do want to talk about regarding vaccines, is the logic behind why there is simply no way Big Pharma even wants vaccines to work. I am not talking from a scientific viewpoint but from an economic one. Again, the people who run these companies look at it strictly as a business and that means the top priority is return of investment for the shareholders. Period. Like I said before, they need return costumers in the form of sick people, so curing disease is counterproductive to them and they would never do that. If curing disease is a no-no then preventing disease must be avoided at all cost!

If sick people were your life blood then why would you ever legitimately attempt to prevent people from getting diseases that would make you billions of dollars to treat? You simply wouldn’t.

Yet here we are, living in a world were Big Pharma is making vaccine dirt cheap (or free) out of the goodness of their hearts? No, the only way they would make a product cheap or free is if that product brought in a future return of investment; in this context, that would mean sick people in the future.

The last thing about toxins in our “medicine” that I want to discuss is the idea of “the dose makes the poison” rhetoric we hear from people defending industries that put dangerous toxins in their product. This whole concept is dependent on the premise that  every humans body reacts to toxic compounds in the same way. As we all know, this is ridiculous. Every single person has a unique physiology and reacts differently to chemicals. Another problem is, even if every human could take X amount of a certain toxin before they experienced a toxicological response, they do not take into account the synergistic toxicology that happens when two or more toxins interact with each other inside the body. In other words, it is impossible to say there is a safe amount for every single toxin inside vaccines. If there were, there would not be a list of adverse reactions on the insert of every vaccine, which happens because the body is having a reaction to the toxins despite the “low” dose.

FDA and other regulatory agencies

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In future articles I will discuss just how corrupt they are, All I want to say here in regards to the FDA and other agencies regarding our health is this: How can you trust an organization that claims to regulate the food and drugs in the US, that allows such dangerous toxins in our food and drugs?  You may be thinking they are just inept and not corrupt. However, they continually slap multinational corporations on the wrist after repeatedly endangering the public, all the while going after small raw milk farms or companies that want to put scientifically verifiable nutrition facts on their product’s label. You see, they claim by informing the public of the nutritional advantages of eating something like a walnut, the walnut then becomes a drug! These are the actions of an agency designed to keep the people in the dark about improving our health while protecting big industry. They are simply not to be trusted.

I truly believe that people are starting to wake up to all this and we will see some huge steps this year towards a collective resolution to regaining control over our food supply. I also believe we are starting to move away from our dependency on pharmaceutical drugs. The later will most likely take longer to accomplish, but we’ll get there! Upcoming articles will focus on other areas that I feel will have huge steps forward this year that will allow all our collective resolutions listed in the opening paragraph to be accomplished.