Readers of this site, particularly those that have read my article on Monsanto, know I believe they are one of the most evil corporations in the world. Therefore, a giant smile encompasses my face when they have setbacks because they need to be shut down for the betterment of humanity. As of late, they have gotten crushed in Europe in the form of countries banning their products. However, these bans are not the only setbacks they are having in Europe, they are losing court cases there as well!

The latest happening today, (Thursday Sept. 10) when an appeal court in Lyon, France confirmed the initial judgment in a case involving French Farmer, Paul Francois. The original ruling found Monsanto responsible for the neurological problems that Mr. Francois started having after inhaling Monsanto’s Lasso weed killer and ordered the company to “fully compensate” him. The amount for this “full compensation” has not been released, so it is not known how big of a setback it is for Monsanto.

However, Monsanto is not giving up on this and is appealing one last time in hopes that the case is heard in front of the highest court in France. This could mean two things: firstly, the ruled payout for the lawsuit is most likely high or they would not go through the trouble. Secondly, this is the first time a chemical company has lost a case like this, so they would not want any precedent set for future cases. In all reality, they are most likely doing it for a combination of the two.

As stated before, stopping Monsanto is paramount. Toxic synthetic chemicals, in the form of pesticides, herbicides and insecticides have poisoned the world’s food supply for far too long. Additionally, the extremely dangerous practice of changing a seed’s DNA by inserting DNA from bacteria, viruses and animals into it, must stop as well. There are only three things that Monsanto’s farming practices achieve:

  1. Make insane amounts of money for the biotech industry
  2. Allow biotech to take over the food supply
  3. Depopulate the world

Luckily for us, more and more people are starting to wake up to the reality we are living in; Monsanto and the rest of biotech, are quickly starting to lose. Make no mistake, their marketing is still top-notch, so some still believe their propaganda. Let me give you an example of how good their marketing is; they managed to get the majority of the population to refer to their product as conventional food and organic farming as alternative. Put in a different way, they got people to call something introduced in the mid 1990’s, conventional–and the farming technique we have used since humans first learned to farm, alternative!

Let that sink in for a second…

However, like I stated before, Monsanto is losing. More and more people are starting to realize that organic is not code for overpriced food that is the same as “conventional” and only eaten by the elite and snobs. As we see more lawsuits (like this one) and more countries refusing these terminator seeds, more people will see the dangers of GMO’s.  This will lead to more people added to the ever-growing list of people who refuse to eat GMO. Therefore, the farm land allocated for organic farming will in turn grow, which will increase the supply of the once expensive organic crops making them continuously more cost-effective.

Therefore, dear reader, every time I get to report on the downfall of Monsanto, it brings a smile to my face and I become elated because every story like this is one step closer to them crumbling.

One step closer to a world with a toxic-free and healthy food supply.

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That day is getting so close…and I, for one, can not wait!