Planned Parenthood has yet again found itself in the news for doing something very disturbing. Well, I should say very disturbing for most people. However, people who find their way to the top of this organization that will turn 100 next year, seem fine with their practices that are unethical, immoral and highly illegal. Once you understand who Margaret Sanger (founder of Planned Parenthood) is and what she stood for, the current behavior begins to make more sense.

Sanger was both a racist (who at one time spoke at of a local KKK meeting) and a eugenicist, who believed that couples should have to submit applications to have a child. Who did she feel should receive governmental permission to have kids? A quote from her in Birth Control Review (May 1919, p. 12) answers that: “More children from the fit, less from the unfit — that is the chief aim of birth control.” Who did she think were “unfit”? Looking at her quotes on minorities (particularly black people), immigrants, the poor, the less intelligent and the handicapped people, it becomes clear they all made her “unfit” list.

Her remarks are so disheartening that it is hard to pick her most unsettling comment. Although, if I had to choose, it would be a quote from he letter to Dr. C.J. Gamble (a member of the Birth Control Federation of America) about the “negro project”. In this letter she proposed using black doctors to better push their agenda in black communities. She later describes how they need the help of black ministers because “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to their more rebellious members”. I would say that her quote stating “The most merciful thing that the large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it”, from the fifth chapter of her book Women and the New race, is a close second. Mrs. Sanger was a prolific writer on the subject of birth control, yet Planned Parenthood steers clear of using quotes from their founder. I wonder why that can be? You can’t allow the public to know the organization was started as a eugenicist project to weed out the “unfit”, now can they…

So, knowing what her agenda was, its no surprise that around 80% of planned parenthoods (as of 2012) are in minority communities. However, what did shock me is how well Sanger’s eugenicist plan has worked. In particular, in the black community. As of 2013, the black populations made up 13% of the overall US population. Conversely, the white population made up 77% of the overall US population. However, in 2011, the last year of available statistics, black woman made up 37% of the 730,322 reported abortions  in the US! That is roughly 270,000 abortions.

She, and the rest of the eugenicist, think they are a higher class of human. Make no mistake about it, even though they are racist and focus more on the black population, they want to rid the world of all they see as “unfit”. This is why you can find undercover videos of planned parenthood employees committing all sorts of crimes to get woman and girls to get abortions. This may seem like an overblown statement. However, there are countless videos of undercover investigations, from civilians all over the US, showing this to be true. The rest of this article will show some of them, starting with a woman who tells multiple employees she is trying to get pregnant, but needs an abortion because the fetus is of the wrong sex. Two different employees tell her that it is against the law to abort a pregnancy solely based on the sex of the baby. They go on to explain that if  she wants the abortion don’t bring it up again.

Here is a short Fox News segment about a 15-year-old student who’s school sent her to planned parenthood via a taxi. Once the the staff discouraged her from telling her parents by saying if they found out about the abortion they (the parents) would have to pay for the procedure, but if they did not know about it the procedure was free!

Sadly, this is not an isolated incident. This next video is of a girl pretending she is 14-years-old and became impregnated by her a 31-year-old boyfriend. She says she wants an abortion so her parents won’t find out. The employee tells her she will have to go in front of a judge to get permission for the abortion. She informs the alleged 14-year-old that she will have to lie to the judge by saying her boyfriend is only 17, or he will get in trouble!!

This next video shows people pretending they are pimps who engage in child trafficking and child prostitution. The staff tells them how to get the girls check-up exams and abortions, if need be. They then go into how to apply for the programs that get the procedures discounted or even free. The employee explains to accomplish this, the pimp must pretend he is their guardian!

This isn’t the only time this has happened either… Here is a video of multiple locations, from multiple states, with the same outcome. One thing that is clear, their standard operating procedure is not to protect these young abused girl by informing the authorities (which is the law in most states) and to give the pimps advice on how to beat the system.

These videos are just a few examples of each situation. The YouTube account called Live Action is where most of these videos came from. They have the biggest collection of videos I have seen on this subject. If anyone is looking for information, that is where I would start.

I am only going to show one more example of their extremely unethical and illegal behavior that their staff commits to ensure they get more abortions. This last example is important because it’s connected to the scandal that has been all over the news the last few weeks.

The video shows a woman who is pretending to need a late-term abortion. This video is a little different from the others in this article because it shows the doctor being deceitful about how developed the fetus is. After lying about the baby not having a face at that stage, she says I don’t want you starting to worry about things like that. These women are there trying to get accurate information so they can make an informed decision that is often the hardest decision a woman will ever have to make. To have a doctor sit there and be intentionally deceitful, all to ensure the patient will not change her mind, is sickening!

This video also links to the current scandal by the doctor claiming a funeral home picks up the fetuses after the operation, and takes it to be cremated. The doctor may think this is the case and from watching this video I think she does indeed think so. However, undercover investigators posing as employees of a company that uses tissue from aborted fetuses (that’s right there is a market for aborted fetus tissue, I will discuss this in a follow-up article about what they use them for) and get not one, but two separate high-ranking employees to Planned Parenthood  Federation of America (the national level of Planned Parenthood, also referred to as PPFA) to admit that they do indeed sell aborted fetal tissue!

This woman, who is causally eating a salad and drinking wine while talking about what the going prices are for different fetal organs, is PPFA’s Senior Director of Medical Services, Deborah Nucatola.

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The second high-ranking official caught on tape haggling over the prices of aborted fetal parts is Dr. Mary Gatter. She is currently the President of PPFA’s Medical Directors’ Council, along with these duties, she also runs the Pasadena affiliate and was the Medical Director of the clinic in Los Angeles. She admits that PPFA is not only aware of “tissue donation”, they make the affiliates fill out a waiver explaining what their particular program will be composed of.

Both these women talk about having the doctors use different techniques depending on what kind of tissue is needed. As you can see, not only was Planned Parenthood started as a eugenics project by its creator, which incentivizes their employees to push people to get abortions (like you saw above); this fetal tissue and organ market brings in a pretty big monetary incentive to push for even more abortions. I think we should all be in agreement that Planned Parenthood should not have a quota on the number of abortions they need to hit in order to fulfill the number of fetus tissue and organs they have promised to a company. This is extremely unethical and immoral and if this practice is not illegal, it should be!

This article has sat in the draft section for around a week. Every time I have tried to edit it, something always got in the way. I believe strongly in everything happens for a reason. In this case, I believe that reason was to see the ridiculous excuses made by those that are defending PPFA for selling fetal parts. They claim that these videos are drastically edited and PPFA does not sell fetal parts but does sell tissue for cancer research. The videos have almost certainly been edited to make them shorter to avoid dead air but nothing more.

There is absolutely no way to edit the video in a way to get the people in the first two videos to say they sell different fetal parts. The third video is even more conclusive as they discuss how hard it is to get a full intact specimen. She then goes on to discuss the possibility of compensation depending on what organs the company can retrieve from the aborted fetus. This video is then ended by the doctor/PPFA VP giving the tour of the organs they would sell and the undercover buyer then talks about what he would pay for different organs. She goes on to agree that the per “item” (organ) compensation was the best way to sell them!

There is simply no way to actually watch these videos and come to the conclusion that they could have edited the video in a way to get them to make untrue claims. For someone to brush this off as simply edited, they have either never seen these videos or they have a conflict of interest and are lying to protect this interest.

On top of all this, there is also a video (above) of a PPFA spokeswoman that is in front of a local political committee who blatantly refuses to discuss their policy on what they do if the fetus does not die during the abortion process and is alive and breathing on the table. The first time the question was brought up she replied they (PPFA) believe the decision on what to do with the breathing baby is between the patient and the doctor. She then clumsily attempted to sidestep all follow-up questions that were very direct. For instance, one question was if the fetus survives a botched abortion and is struggling on the table to live, doesn’t the baby then become your patient? She answered by saying that they should talk more together on the matter, completely sidestepping the question.

The born alive infant protection act, states that if a baby is breathing, even if he or she was part of a botched abortion, that doctors must attempt to save the infant’s life. The abortion doctor in the above video, however, reassures an undercover investigator that he would not do any such life saving procedures if the fetus survives the abortion.

This next video is pretty disturbing to watch. It talks about some very upsetting ways that abortion clinic employees witness the surgeons almost daily commit infanticide on living babies from botched abortions. Again viewer discretion is advised.

This article, with  its many links and undercover videos, proves the person who started Planned Parenthood was a racist who was also a eugenicist that promoted the “unfit” from breeding. The organization, in more modern times, has time and time again, been filmed breaking the law or lying to the patients so they can perform more abortions. Its clear that Sager’s eugenic goals are still in play at Planned Parenthood.

A quick overview of their crimes or lies looks like this:

  1. Lying about how developed a fetus is during a late stage abortion.
  2. Refusing to perform life saving procedures (or any at all) if the baby is alive after a botched late staged abortion.
  3. Killing the living baby after the botched abortion.
  4. Not reporting statutory rape and promoting lying to keep pedophile boyfriends out of trouble.
  5. Not reporting child sex trafficking and child prostitution, while telling alleged pimp how to get abortions and other services discounted on tax payers money.

They are doing all this to perform more abortions to meet their eugenic goals and to meet the supply needs of the fetal flesh and organ industry. This begs the question– Are the doctors that are killing the babies on the table after a botched abortion, doing it to make the quota on fetal parts? My guess is that meeting a quota is at least part of it.

This company should have been shut down years ago when this all started coming to light. Even if you are an avid pro-choicer, you cannot be ok with their tactics, especially the things involving infanticide. Even if you don’t think the fetus is a human yet, once it is breathing outside the womb, it is in fact a human– despite the attempted abortion. This is nothing shy of murder.

If not, at what age after the fetuses are born would you consider it wrong to sever its spine with scissors?

One hour?

Two hours?

No, if it is breathing by itself outside the womb, it clearly must be considered a living human.

Yet, despite PPFA’s clear policy of committing infanticide, the government not only allows them to stay open, they also paid them (via grants) an eye-popping 540 million in 2013! If this does not show you how messed up our country currently is and how much big businesses run the show, I don’t know what will.

The only way to stop a company with an evil eugenic agenda is to expose that agenda for all to see. That makes the only good thing coming from the exposure of the horrible crimes committed by PPFA is more people becoming aware.