I recently came across a 2011 interview of Rainn Wilson (from the TV show the office) where he talks about how he sees a spiritual revolution coming. I really enjoyed watching Rainn and his fellow cast mates in the office but I have new-found respect for him after watching this short video.

He points out that our societal systems that are currently in place are broken, using the political, scientific and economic systems as a few examples . He may not have mentioned every broken system but the context was clear– none of our current systems work.

I would argue that they are actually working perfectly, at least from the perspective of how and why these systems were set-up. They were designed by few powerful people with the purpose to control the population. Once you realize this, you understand that they are working precisely as they’re meant to. But Mr. Wilson is speaking from the perspective of what we are all taught in school which is, these systems are in place to help humanity reach its highest potential as a society.

From that point of view, every current system is clearly broken (since all these system are interconnected in one way or another, I will refer to it as “the system” from here on out).

What I love the most about this video (and what made me silently say “YES!” to myself while getting goose bumps) is the part about how he thought the changes needed to come about. He said we need a spiritual revolution that needs to come from a “heart-based wisdom”, which is something I have felt and preached for years.

I think so many people are waking up to just how out of alignment the current system is from were our collective consciousness is and where it is heading. As many people awaken to see this out-of-wack alignment, they realize that if we keep on this path, it will inevitably end with our species becoming extinct– and quite possibly, the destruction of our planet and everything on it along the way. This is not meant to bring fear. I believe the shift is already happening and the spiritual revolution has already started. With that being said, it is making those running these system very uneasy, as they must know their time as rulers is coming to an end.

Everyday, I see more people turning away from the systems biggest weapon “fear porn” on every news outlet. It is designed to keep us divided (making it easier to control us because we are fighting with each other instead of looking at the systems) and keep us in a constant state of fear. Anyone that has looked into the Universal Law of Attraction will tell you: like energies can only attract like energies. So watching this fear based programing will only attract and manifest similar fear based energies into our lives. Turning off these programs is the first step when trying learn to receive your heart based wisdom. It comes from love based energies that are on the opposite end of the emotional energy spectrum of fear based energies.

Once you do this, you will find your outlook will improve drastically in a very short period of time. You will start to see all the good things people do, which comes from love based energies and happen all around us. Those are the things you will not see while watching these programs. Finally, you will want… no… you will need to start by trying to manifest the change needed in this world.

I believe nothing happens by coincidence– they happen for a reason. You are here reading these words for a reason. That reason is because you want to bring these changes into the world as well, so the universe brought you to my little website to find like-minded people who are also determined to manifest the change needed to evolve spiritually as race.

So what can we do to help this spiritual revolution?

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To me, the most important thing is to always stay positive and keep your emotions and thoughts focused on loved based energies. I am not going to lie, at times this is tough. Sometimes while researching about how the world really is, I come upon some really negative things, but you can’t let it bring your emotions down to the heavier, more dense, fear-based energies. As I stated before; these are very powerful energies and will attract more of those same energies into your life. When I started on this journey, I found myself allowing this very thing to happen. I knew I needed to find ways to stop this and revert my thoughts back to the lighter love-based energies. I found a book that really helped me be more aware of where my thoughts were and techniques that revert them back to these love-based energies. The book is called Quantum Success by Sandra Anne Taylor. As you might have guessed by the title, it shows how quantum physics is starting to prove the Universal Laws about energy (like the Law of Attraction) are correct. The book is a must read for those that are beginning their spiritual journey. I also started meditating, taking relaxing baths and long barefooted walks in nature, as ways to not allow my thoughts and emotions to be filled with fear-based energies.

The second thing I think we must all do is learn about all the lies we are propagandized to believe. These lies are used as a way to control us in many different ways. For instance, we are forced to be slaves to the oil industry because we need fuel for our cars and we are taught there is no other option other than oil. But as I wrote in my article on Hemp, this is not the case.  We have had the capabilities to use many kinds of vegetable oils to run cars (future articles will speak of other options that are also suppressed). This is just one example of lies we are being taught in order to enslave us to the current system.

Once you start learning this, you need to spread the news. I started by writing comments on diqus.com (the site I use for my comments here) and after I started gaining a fairly large following who liked what I had to say, I decided to make this site to reach an even bigger audience. Now I am focused on bringing as much knowledge as possible to as many people as possible.

Ideally, we need to start groups that are effectively think tanks to spit fire ways to best manifest change through this spiritual revolution– which to me, is just a spiritual awakening as our collective consciousness is rising above the fear based, 3rd dimensional density and entering the higher densities. I feel in doing so, more people who are on the fence will realize the status quo is not needed and is actually holding us back. People will also realize that real change is not a pipe dream and with a little work, we can change this world and leave it in a better state for our children and their children.

What do you think? Are you ready to take part in the Spiritual Revolution?

For those that are, please leave a comment on where you want to see mankind end up and thoughts on how to get us there. Lets get the discussion started and make some real change together!