The Petroleum/Oil industry has situated itself to make all mankind completely dependent on it. Outside of a relatively few electronic cars, the entire world needs the industry to travel. Fuel for vehicles is not the only byproduct of Petroleum that we use a massive amount of. Petroleum is also used to make plastics, as well as a several products that many people would never expect. We are led to believe that the level of technology (in every other industry except Petroleum) has advanced to the point that what was cutting edge at the turn of the 20th century, is now completely obsolete. This lack of technological advancement is not just by chance. Every time someone has come forward with a device that would render the oil ran vehicles (or petroleum for plastics) obsolete, the industry either gets it suppressed, or they run a propaganda campaign that gets the product outlawed all together. My article on hemp showed examples of both techniques. The Henry Ford engine that ran on hemp was suppressed (at least from the general public, I don’t know if the “ruling class” privately used it)  and they introduced the propaganda campaign called “reefer madness” to get cannabis and its cousin hemp outlawed.

However, Hemp is not the only alternative fuel option. In fact, it is not even the cheapest and easiest option…

Stan Meyer was, in my opinion, the second greatest inventor of the 20th century, behind Tesla. This may sound crazy to most because Stan Meyer is unknown to the average person and you will find no mention of him in any school book. Nonetheless, the man was a genius who, if not for the greed of powerful men, would have changed the world. His greatest invention was a car engine that could run off water– any kind of water; and did so at over 100 miles per gallon!

This YouTube video is part of an hour-long documentary on Meyer’s invention that aired in the UK in 1995. It shows how he was able to power a car safely by separating the hydrogen and oxygen in water and using the hydrogen to run the engine. It shows how his device was actually making more energy than it was expending, making it self-sustaining. To put it differently, his device was a form of free energy device that Tesla first invented. The video also hints to the problems he was having with getting his many inventions patented and how some were actually stolen from him.

Here is a video with a few segments that ran on a few local news stations from across the U.S. about the car. As you can see from the date of the first segment, he had his car engine working and was trying to promote it for over 30 years. Stan was a truly amazing man who refused offers of a billion dollars from an Arab oil company because he knew it would then just sit on their shelves suppressed from the world. Meyer said he refused his offer stating “No, this technology is for the people.”. Which is something he was often quoted as saying.

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Stan was not naïve or unaware of how much danger his invention was putting him in, which made his refusal to sell his patents and engines to the oil industry because the technology belonged to the people, all the more admirable. As you can see from the video, not only was he very aware of the power structure of this planet (which I call the ruling class but others might call it different names such as the powers that be, or the illuminati), he also spoke out about them! He knew how much danger not selling the engine put himself in, but he also knew that we needed to get out from under the thumb of the ruling class and that his invention would be a great start.

On march 21 1998, Stan was dining with his brother at a local Cracker Barrel, with what the autopsy says were NATO officials. The autopsy states that after a toast with cranberry juice, Meyer jumped from the table running for the door screaming that he was poisoned. He died before he made it to his car. The official cause of death was a brain aneurysm. However, with who he was and how he died, I would say it is highly probable that poison, in fact caused the aneurism. It should be noted that the autopsy did not show signs of any poisons, but the people who had motive to silence him would also have the means to use a poison that was undetectable to the basic level test that a smaller town coroner would perform; especially if that coroner ruled out poisoning before the autopsy even started, which this one seems to have done.

Stan Meyer was a brave man and genius who made a device that was very ahead of its time which threatened very powerful people. He was absolutely correct in his assessment that if we are going to stop the ruling class from continuing their enslavement of mankind via their control over everything needed to survive, we will need to make devices, such as his water powered engine, available for everyone. With trade agreements like NAFTA and the TPP (meant to destroy national sovereignty), we are seeing a clear push for a one world government, which Stan warned about. The suppressing of technology, only harms the common people by keeping them slaves, all while helping the few maintain control. Coincidently, the use of petroleum is causing untold damage to the environment as well. We have a responsibility to the planet and every living creature on it, to stop the madness and get the word out that technology like this exists and we are able to operate our vehicles at virtually no cost without harming the planet. Not to mention so many other benefits of technologies that are being hidden.

Here is a free pdf of Stan’s book on his device.