I recently ran cross an article entitled Smithsonian Admits to Destruction of Thousands of Giant Human Skeletons in Early 1900?s., on a few different truth-seeking sites and groups on Facebook. I was very interested to see if the Smithsonian had actually admitted to this. The only problem is that World New Daily Report, which published the article, is a satire website (they clearly state this in their disclaimer section ), that does a very good job of taking things that could very easily happen and running with it. For example, they have one article on how Monsanto scientists want to Genetically Engineer ants and use them to counter the bees dying off. To those familiar with Monsanto, this would not be outside the realm of possibilities for this company to do. In fact, I would be as bold to say if they are not already doing this, they will be soon.

When people start running with stories like this, by either writing their own stories for their blogs/websites or by posting them to Facebook, it allows gatekeeper sites (sites that push the status quo no matter what) like snopes.com, to point at all the clear mistakes in the article (because its satire after all). In doing so they make it seem like this fake article “proves” the Smithsonian did not hide or destroy evidence of giant skeletons in America. It also has the undertone of “crazy conspiracy theorist will believe anything written online”.

This is of course, a logical fallacy. Just because the article is satire does not mean the Smithsonian did not cover-up the skeletons. It just means that they did not sue the imaginary American Institution of Alternative Archeology (AIAA) for bringing the Smithsonian cover-up to light; making everything they claimed the AIAA spokesman said or the Supreme Court ruling that they have to disclose all their classified documents about the cover-up a lie.

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I am a little unsure how someone could fall for this. Just reading about how the Supreme Court ruled alone should throw up red flags. The Supreme Court ruling against a government-run museum…? You don’t actually believe this would ever happen do you?

In any case, this article was used to make people think that a legitimate cover-up did not happen.

In Richard Dewhurst’s great book The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America: The Missing Skeletons and the Great Smithsonian Cover-Up, we are shown newspaper article after newspaper article, from the mid 1800’s to early 1900’s, that are about giant skeletons found in mounds and caves all over the country.

So, how is it this is not common knowledge?

Well, to put it simply– The Smithsonian!

In many of the articles found in the book, the museum comes and takes the unearthed skeletons and relics for further studying, only to never be seen again. The Smithsonian is not the only governmental type organization to cover-up these finds. In some cases, the state got involved as well. But the result remained the same– the skeletons and relics were never seen again.

This leads to a few very puzzling questions, the two biggest being:

  1. Why are these skeletons not displayed in museums?
  2. Why are the Smithsonian and the government covering this up, while still pushing the status quo?

Number one could be answered by looking at number two–they are not shown because they are being covered-up. Plain and simple…

The second question is much more difficult. This is only my current belief as to why they would want to cover this up (which may change in the future as more information is reveled). I believe the most in our face reason behind covering this up is to protect the theory of evolution. As I wrote about in my latest article the theory of evolution has been used to push manifest destiny; which effectively states that it we (Americans) are destined to conquer and settle the Native American Indian’s land because of the principle of survival of the fittest. Simply put, it’s an idea that we are more advanced than you so we can basically do what we want and take what we want. Sadly, not much as changed today.

These skeletons throw the theory of evolution on its head– the idea of giant humans roaming the earth over 10,000 years ago is not something explained by how we are taught we humans evolved. Especially if DNA tests shows they are our distant ancestors, which would show we actually devolved.

However, unlike evolution, giant skeletons would add evidence to the many old stories that are often dismissed today as simple myths. For instance:

  • The Old Testament in the Bible states many examples of giants, from the Elohim who were said to have laid with “the daughters of man” to figures like Goliath.
  • I brought up in a previous article the Ancient Sumerian creation story about a humanoid extra terrestrial race called the Annunaki, that created man by genetically engineering their DNA with early earth humans. However, I did not go into great depth. The Sumerians claimed we (the current human race) were not the first race they (the Annunaki) created. They said the Annunaki first created a species that was much bigger and smarter than our current race. This was because they wanted more efficient workers to mine gold and build their structure. This first race eventually rebelled against their masters, making the Annunaki resort to making smaller less intelligent race of workers the next time around.
  • The “myths” of ancient Europe are filled with giants, some of which are Cyclops or half man and have gods.
  • The Indians of the southwestern United States have stories of their ancestors fighting red-haired blue-eyed giant cannibals called the Si-Te-Cah.

So, you have to ask yourself, is it possible these ancient stories are not just myth? Do the remains found in the United States (and some even more bizarre finds in Europe that I will later write about) belong to one of the groups of giants talked about in these supposed myths? Could it be that there was a very big civilization of giants that spread around the world? If so, are these people the builders of the pyramids and the massive cities like the one I wrote about in the last article?

The answer to every question is yes. I believe the evidence is too over whelming to be denied. But one thing is for sure, we are being kept from the truth about our true history. However before you start talking, writing or sharing any story showing this, please do the research on its legitimacy, because it only hurts to bring forth inaccurate evidence of this happening.


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