September 14th marked the 14th case of the Bubonic Plague in America during 2015, when a Michigan man contracted the disease. The plague was first introduced to the US by rat infested ships and there have been 1,006 reported cases from 1900 through 2012. The fact that there were 10 reported cases last year and 16 in 2006 doesn’t make 14 cases all that concerning by itself. However, what IS concerning is some of the articles coming from the mainstream media about this.

Anyone stating that the US Government is working with diseases such as Lyme disease and Ebola in attempts to find their bioweapon capabilities, would be disregarded as tinfoil-hat-wearing conspiracy theorist. This reaction from the general public is particularly frustrating for those of us who know about the facilities like Margaret Batts Tobin Laboratory Building, which admits to studying such diseases as anthrax, tularemia, cholera, Lyme disease, desert valley fever and other parasitic and fungal diseases which the CDC notes have bioweapon capabilities. Of course, the official reasoning for these facilities studying the bioweapon capabilities is not to weaponize it themselves, but to understand how “terrorist” could use these as weapons. The other reason given is to find ways to treat and prevent infection in the form of vaccinations, which is completely true. In the eyes of the general public, there is nothing wrong with the government working with these very deadly microorganisms because they are doing it for our protection; and it is ludicrous to think they would be doing it for insidious reasons. The idea of these samples being capable of leaving containment is also crazy talk.

But are these ideas really that crazy or are they rooted in reality?

CNN has recently started writing stories about these facilities. They are not  stories about the top-notch security measures. Take this story, for example, which opens with this quote: “The U.S. Department of Defense is looking into possible mishandling of bubonic plague and equine encephalitis samples at its laboratories.” It goes on to state “CDC inspectors found a sample of the plague in a freezer outside of a containment area on August 17 at the Edgewood Chemical Biological Center in Maryland.” Making matters even worse, this article comes a week after CNN wrote about the same type of situation happening with Anthrax, a week earlier!

The plague resulted in upwards of a couple hundred million deaths. However, the time of this being considered a death sentence has long since passed and cases are rare. Therefore, there are only a few reasons they would do this. The first, they are trying to better understand the diseases so they can fight them better. This is their official stance for every single biological lab in existence. The second, is to weaponize it. The final reason is to again, weaponize it, start an outbreak and then come to the rescue via vaccines to prevent it from spreading. In fact, an actual outbreak is not even needed because the mainstream media are experts in using fear to manipulate the masses. All they need to do is present a threat (real or fictitious) and people will go along with any governmental solution to protect the citizenry. Look no further than post 9-11 denigration of civil rights in the name of protection.

For those who will find this outlandish, read the CNN articles linked above.

They are setting up a future outbreak by a disease specimen finding its way outside the facility or sending a live virus or bacterium that’s labeled as being dead. The CDC reported that this is exactly what has happened with anthrax for the last decade! That’s right, they have sent live anthrax all over the country labeled as dead, for a DECADE. Nothing could possibly go wrong there.

Additionally, bombs would not be needed to weaponize something such as anthrax, bubonic plague or Ebola . The only thing needed to weaponize them is to make them more deadly via Genetically Engineering them and allow them to come into contact with people. Sending live bacterium all over, while being marked dead bacterium and experimenting on these microorganisms in places with security issues (like listed above) is a perfect way to do this. Although, there is an even better way…sending it in a package to government facilities, schools, hospitals, or even on a plane–then blame it on our enemies. This is, after all, what happened with all the anthrax attacks in the US right after 9-11. The anthrax sent to numerous places and blamed on Muslim terrorist were actually made in one of these governmental labs! The media quickly propagandized it. The fear this caused quickly lead to the Anthrax vaccine.

Coincidentally, it was this vaccine that made me start to question vaccines. The Army unit I was in was heading to Iraq in 2004. All the WMD talk from the media and anthrax attack being blamed on al-Qaeda, lead us to not even blink an eye at receiving the anthrax shots. The first thing that rose my suspicion was the fact we were told  six vaccines were needed before we gained immunity. Well, wouldn’t you know it..they somehow ran out of the shots after the 3rd vaccine. Instead of having us wait to deploy to a region that was supposedly very unlikely to put us in contact with the deadly bacteria, they said “Don’t worry, three shots should give you the immunity.”.


But, I digress…

Anthrax was not feared in the States before this false flag attack because there simply were no cases of it here. Coincidentally, the same can also be said about Ebola before the incident involving the doctor traveling back from Africa with it. The environment in the US is not even suitable for the Ebola virus to live. Yet, the second that doctor flew back stateside, the media and government were ensuring us that they would soon have a vaccine for this “deadly” virus quickly.

How could the government claim to quickly make a virus that comes from the jungles of Africa where the climate is more conducive for the survival of the virus?

That is easy. The US government patented the virus. This means they changed the genetics of the virus enough so that they could call themselves the creator of the virus because being the creator of something is a prerequisite to patent it.

The reasons for Patenting a virus are the same reasons for the labs that study them–so they can either make a vaccine/other medical treatment, or to weaponize it. The date the US government filed for the patent for their genetically altered Ebola (for creating vaccines) was in 2008, years before the threat of this virus even existed in the US.

This appears to be like another anthrax situation.

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If the labeling issue, or the specimens being found outside the containment area were the only issues with the governmental biological labs, it could be written off as a huge system mistake that needs tidied up. However, with the other things mentioned here, you can see there is clearly a more devious agenda at work.

If the fear mongering involving the bubonic plague gets ramped up, be cognizant that it is part of an agenda. Also remember, this is not a death sentence. Just as garlic was used back in the middle ages to cure the black plague, many natural antibacterial foods will fight off this plague as well.