Tuesday, marked the release of the first Unveiling Knowledge YouTube video. It discusses the problems of today’s world, particularly, the many parasitic systems that are in place to regulate how we live our lives. At the end of the video I bring up how we are at a tipping point and need to focus on maintaining positive energy– emotionally and mentally. Where we focus our energy is something we must always be conscience of.  We need to cease the dependence on those systems and start putting our energy towards becoming as self-sustaining as we possibly can.

And we need to start doing it NOW!

Let’s take a step back and look at some examples about how bad our dependency has become to the “ruling class” for practically everything that is essential for survival.  As you are reading this, keep in mind that The Oxford Dictionary defines this level of dependency as slavery.

Robin Speronis is a woman who was living off the grid in Florida, completely independent of the city’s water and electric systems. That was until last year when official’s deemed it illegal for her to live off of solar energy, a propane camping stove and rainwater, stating she must be hooked up to the power grid and water lines! As if making a ruling like this in a country that is supposed to be free is not asinine enough, they did not even use any U.S. law, statute, or code to come to this ruling. Instead they used an International Code called The International Property Maintenance Code, created by an organization called The International Code Council.

Not only are we not allowed to live independent from the power grid or the municipal water supply (which in many places has harmful chemicals like fluoride and chlorine added to it), an international organization is the one forcing us to stay on the grid!

Still, people think things like the UN’s agenda 21 and the plan to get rid of national sovereignty are just crazy conspiracy theories. Codes, very similar to what were used against Robin Speronis, were first outlined in 351 page UN Agenda 21 document!

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The madness does not stop there, however. Many states are now making the collection of rain water illegal as well! Yet, it is completely legal for companies like Nestle to go into areas that are experiencing extreme drought ( i.e. Sacramento) and bottle city water to sell back to the people at hiked up prices!

You can’t make this stuff up…

If the water falls from the sky and lands on our property, how is it not our right to collect it and use it how we see fit?

And how is it LEGAL for a company to pay the government a mere 65 cents per every 470 gallons of water(!) they pull out of water aquifers that rightfully belong to everyone?

Are you starting to see the need to leave this system?!

The ruling class is not stopping at banning the collection of water on your own property . Additionally, they do not want you to use alternative sources of energy. People all over the country are being charged with crimes associated with having windmills on their land.

As you can see, the ruling class simply does not want the American public to come to the realization that we can live independent of the public power and water supply. This act of forcing us to be dependent through their power supply is particularly dangerous because of the alarming amount of power outages in many parts of the country.

The last system we have become dependent on is the food supply. Fortunately, it is not yet illegal to plant and make our own food.  We still have the ability to become self sustainable in this area.

As often discussed in previous articles,  the food supply in the United States is controlled by biotech corporations and Big Food companies. The end product is food that makes us sick instead of giving us the nutrients needed to maintain healthy bodies. However, as stated in Tuesday’s video, all is not lost; in fact, we are far from it!

Making your own organic garden is easy and relatively inexpensive. If you do not have much room to work with, fear not. There is a technique called square foot gardening that is simple and produces a large amount of food!

If you are in a situation where you have zero room for a garden, you still have options. Organic foods are becoming more and more in demand as people are realizing the dangers of modern GMO farming practices– which means more farmers are planting organic crops. Therefore, as the supply goes up, the cost will go down. People seem to have the misconception that organic food is something they can’t afford. The reality is, if you are willing to dedicate the time to shop at a variety of stores when they have organic items on sale, the difference in the amount of money you spend on clean organic foods compared to the chemical-laden GMO foods is minimal.

A recent relocation to Salt Lake City, Utah has led me to meet many people who are more aware of the need to become self-sufficient, and most of the produce they eat comes from their own gardens. Because of this, Unveiling Knowledge will be able to bring readers articles with information on techniques to become more self-sustaining and not dependent on the current systems any longer.

After all,  it is long past due to break the chains of dependency and become truly free!