Everyone has seen the “supposed” killing of a Virginia reporter, Alison Parker and a camera man, Adam Ward. I say “supposed” because this is clearly just another false flag attack against the 2nd amendment of the United States!

I do not say this lightly; the evidence is just too overwhelming to come to any other conclusion.

Many of you will think that there is no way this could be possible because it happened on live TV. However, just because a segment is on a live news broadcast, does not mean it was shot live. They could play a prerecorded segment, say it was live and we would not know the difference. So, just because it was on a live news broadcast doesn’t mean the segments are not prerecorded. With that being said, I know how ridiculous a hoax claim will sound to many of you. However, if you look at the evidence presented with an open mind, I can’t see you coming to any other conclusion about this event.

The Evidence

The most surprising thing about this is, how effective these false flags are at getting people to believe what they are seeing at face value. This current hoax is executed at a very amateur level, so much so, that there are glaring giveaways the event is not real.

There are really only a few things to focus on to show this is fake. The first is the time of this “live” broadcast. (All the pictures came from a Daily Mail article, published at 7:52am EST time. I am sure there will be an attempt to correct these screw ups in the future. I just want it known these were the time stamps from one hour after the shooting)

time stamp.

As you can see by the timestamp this interview took place at 6:46am. When the gun “shots” started being fired, the cameraman turned as he fell to the ground. The media quickly started reporting that because of this the camera was able catch a glimpse of the killer.

NATIONAL PICTURES Scrren grab of suspected shooter involved in the shooting dead a camerman and reporter live on air. Cameraman Adam Ward and reporter Alison Parker were shot dead during a live broadcast at Bridgewater Plaza near Smith Mountain Lake, USA.

Notice anything weird?

The graphics in this still shot are a match with the live segment except for the timestamp graphic, which moved from the bottom right of the screen to the bottom left… Then, there is the fact the timestamp suddenly reads 6:00am!

If you watch the actual footage in real-time, you will see the graphic staying on the bottom right and the time not jumping back 46 minutes because of the fall..

This still frame is completely fake and was not the same footage from the “live” interview. However, this fact did not stop the media from claiming it was real and that it shows the shooter.

Moreover, this is not the only timestamp evidence that shows this is a hoax. The other comes from Alison’s fiancée and anchor at the station, Chris Hurst’s twitter.

2 over all

2nd 2 last


Someone needs to explain to me how it is possible for this guy to send multiple tweets that are so concise and thought-out, right after the murder of his fiancée on live TV? If that were me, it would be pretty difficult to write such things so shortly after.

An even bigger question will come to mind if you look at the timestamp on the tweet: How in the world did this man tweet about the tragic murder of his fiancée, 15 min before it happened?!?!?!

From the evidence, it looks like what really happened was: the segment shown on a live broadcast was in reality, recorded. The recording appears to originally be scheduled to air during the live broadcast at 6:00am, somehow it got changed/pushed back. The fact that Chris started tweeting at 6:31 makes me think that he did not realize it got pushed back from 6:00am to 6:46am.

This would explain the timestamp on the still and also explains why he was starting to post 15 minutes before the event happened.

Moving along…

Shortly after the segment, former disgruntled employee, Vester Lee Flanagan, posted a video on Twitter and pictures of him committing the murders. They were quickly taken down, but the DailyMail posted the pictures and many people have uploaded the video on YouTube. It was also quickly taken down there. I have the video saved on my computer, but it will not upload correctly, so at this point the pictures will have to do.

To say they bring this event authenticity into question is an understatement.

Here is the first picture from the shooter’s perspective.



This is a photo of him as he walks up. Flanagan is already right behind the camera man when the recording starts so this might be just before the recording (or maybe this is from another recording that was edited down). Now remember, they are claiming he is a former reporter who Alison used racial slurs towards. You can’t see it in this, or any of the still frames he posted on twitter, but he was standing right behind the left shoulder of the camera man when he began shooting– right in Alison’s peripheral vision. Yet she, nor anyone else seems to notice him there until he fires the first shot.

1 shot

This is right before the first shot. The first thing you notice was that he is very very close to her. Yet, she still did not move, despite someone pointing a gun at her within her peripheral vision. He pulls the trigger right after this still frame. Remember the official story is he used hollow point rounds!


Here is the photo from the shooter’s perspective after the first shot and before the second.

 cameria view

Here is the view from the camera man after the first shot and before the second shot.

Remember, this picture is right after Flanagan supposedly shot Alison from point-blank range with hollow point rounds. From looking at where he was aiming I would expect the rounds to hit her upper chest or neck/head area. Again, the media is telling us this woman was just shot with a HOLLOW POINT round from FEET away.

If you look at the angle she was standing in contrast to the shooter, she was perpendicular to his gun– leaving her whole chest and the vital organs protected by the chest, exposed and easily hit. Anyone shot by a sidearm from this close, with normal ball point rounds, would be seriously wounded; if not killed.  A hollow point round is a beast of a whole different nature.

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Hollow points expand on impact, leaving a much bigger hole as it enters the body. This aspect does not allow the round to travel as far though the target as a ball round (13 inches into the target, so since he aimed the first shot at the upper chest/neck area, there still was a high chance of enter and exit wounds) but they cause significantly more trauma entering the body. In short, these rounds cause serious damage and big holes which create a lot of blood.

Nevertheless, the impact of this “supposed” hollow point round to the upper chest or neck/head area, did not cause the big entry wound or the excessive amounts of  blood it should have. In fact, it did not cause her to bleed at all because there is no entry wound!

She should have been in the process of falling to the ground at this point. Yet, the only thing she did was turn a little to the side…

Some of you will say that it looks like he may have just missed her. I don’t think that is very likely, but it could be likely with the first shot, because in the still frame, it looks like he could have aimed a little to the left.

However, there is no way he missed with later shots. If you go back and look at the picture he posted from after the first shot, you will see he clearly aimed center mass. He quickly fires at least two shots. These shots could not possibly have missed. The shots would have caused massive trauma to one or more vital organs (heart or lungs).

Two hollow point rounds would also drop the biggest, most physically impressive, adult male human. I am not saying they would be killed instantly or that they would not be able to get back up and attempt to run. But, at the very least, they would drop to their knees.


running after 2 shot


Alison, a petite woman, is somehow able to turn and sprint away. All the while, he continues to shoot her in the back. Again, there is no blood leaving her body, flying through the air, or on the ground. In fact, there is no blood at the crime scene…



On the second floor, next to the green hose and the officers, is the curled up body of Adam. Remember, 2 people were supposedly shot to death with a third being shot, but surviving. However, one thing is missing from the crime scene. THE BLOOD– it should be anywhere. There is not even one speck.

Where is the blood next to Adam’s corpse?

This blood should have been a pooled, eventually dripping from the 2nd floor down to the floor underneath. Afterall, the walkway is wooden with enough gaps for some pooled blood to drip through.

Additionally, even if we are to believe the impossible– that Alison was somehow able to take multiple hollow point rounds and sprint away. We would see a trail of blood from where she was shot to where she ran. This is not the case. So…

Lets review the Facts presented here so far:

  1. We were shown a supposed murder during a live broadcast at 6:46am
  2. Alison’s future husband sent four rapid fire tweets that were very well written and heartbreaking tweets that made everyone empathize for him. The first tweet was sent 15 minutes before the event, with the last post 10 minutes before.
  3. The freeze frame that supposedly came from Adam’s camera was time stamped 46 minutes prior to the event.
  4. Alison was shot at close range multiple times (enter mass, her back and possible her upper chest though head areas) with hollow point rounds, yet she was able to run away at a sprint.
  5. There was no blood anywhere at the crime scene.

These facts show, without a doubt, that this event is a hoax. And, a very poorly executed one at that. I mean, you would think they would at least remember the blood.

People often ask: how can they possibly have pulled this off?

Where do these people go who are “killed” in these events?

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how they pulled it off. You don’t need to know how someone masterminded a crime (or hoax) to prove that one occurred. And not knowing how someone pulled off a crime (or hoax) does not negate the facts that show that a crime (or hoax) most certainly happened.

As far as the second question, crisis actors are used in all these events. In fact, some of the actors appear in multiple event and most people don’t recognize them. The people who are used over and over are supporting actors that talk to the media and give character testimony for how crazy the guy was, or they are eyewitnesses to how horrible the events were. This adds credibility to the event. They don’t try this with people who are supposed to have died in a false flag, that would elevate the chances of people catching on because their faces are more recognizable from the 24-7 coverage from the media. If someone sees them in public and say something they will be called crazy; after all that person is dead– and everyone “knows” this as an undeniable fact because the media told us so.

Conversely, a more pertinent question to ask instead of HOW it was done, is WHY it was done.

There are people and organizations that have clear motives to conduct false flags that use gun violence targeted at “everyday Americans”. Afterall, America is the last country with the right to bare arms. The media will have you believe the 2nd amendment was designed for hunting and that there is no need for these assault weapons. The truth is, the 2nd amendment (like all the amendments) came into existence because the English government had tyrannical laws that repressed the colonies. They were able to force their will on the colonies because they took away their weapons, and with it– their ability to defend themselves. This action allowed England to force whatever they wanted on the colonies.

The design of the 2nd amendment was so we can protect ourselves if another totalitarian government became in power.

Listen, I am a combat veteran who knows full well the damage weapons can cause. Because of that, I envision a future without the need for any weapons. A future, where we live in peace with each other and one with the planet.

However, our government and those that rule it from behind the certain, have bought rounds, in the BILLIONS,  over the last few years. You might be thinking that the rounds are going to the military (like it would somehow be ok because they are stockpiling rounds for continued unjust wars) but you would be wrong. The DHS (an organization that has already put returning combat vet’s on the possible domestic terrorist list) purchased the rounds.

All the rounds– every single last one of them, are for DOMESTIC agencies!

They are planning for something– and that something calls for domestic agencies to need billions of rounds; many of which were hollow point. One good thing we have learned from this event is that hollow points are apparently not as dangerous as we once believed.

So we have that going for us.

Nevertheless, when a government starts doing things like this, while pushing a campaign to get Americans to hand over their guns… that just spells trouble.

It also tells logically minded people that we may want to hold on to our guns for a while.

Some of you might say this is fear mongering and the government is not after our guns.

To that I say, you need to pay attention to what happens every time after these false flag events take place. After each one of them, we see some high ranking official call for gun control. After the hoax in Charlotte, Clinton quickly took the lead…


Obama said these false flag hoax’s show us that gun violence kills more Americans each year than terrorism. Interesting… For years, the threat of terrorism has been used as the boogie man for all Americans to fear. Now its crazy Americans with legally bought guns that are to fear, I guess.

Then, there are the calls for gun control that tug at our heart-strings… The one coming from family members.

These family member’s interviews do a more than just push unilateral gun control.

The first thing is the most obvious. It conditions everyone to believe the hoax is real. Secondly, it gets us to think emotionally and not logically. Who would want to be the next to fall prey to the “next madman with a gun”. It gets us to forget all the reasons why we absolutely need guns in this day and age. Lastly, they are instilling the idea in our heads that they are not trying to take everyone guns away. They are simply trying to take the guns out of the hands of those with mental illnesses.

This sounds great in theory, but history shows us that the government will not stop there. I have written many articles on how they don’t take away everyone’s rights away all at once, because that would start a revolt. They do it gradually, making people more susceptible to it. Additionally, in recent years, they have vastly expanded the numbers of mental illness diseases. In fact, in an article on how the VA was trying to raid a vet’s house and take his guns, simply because he had a minor stroke, I wrote about how they make it really tough to get combat related disability for many conditions – except PTSD. Now, I am not saying PTSD is a made up disease. I believe it is quite the contrary and that everyone that sees combat has PTSD at some level or another. My point is, they make it very hard to get service connected disability for everything else. Add in the DHS stance on returning vet’s and it becomes clear that they eventually want to disallow 2nd amendment rights to those with “mental illnesses” like PTSD.

For those that think I am being crass by suggesting the family members are actors, just like everyone else in the hoax. Look at some of their interviews and tell me they are not a coached or scripted interview. If you do watch them and still don’t think they are coached, take a look at this video of the father from Sandy Hook calling for gun control.

This video was the day after the shooting. We would expect to be shown a broken-hearted father who pleads for gun control so that this doesn’t happen again. Ultimately, the video is the smoking gun that proves the event is a hoax. The live feed cuts in about 10 seconds too early. In doing so, it catches the father laughing, with a big smile on his face. He gets a message from his earplug and says something like “ok”.

At this point he closes his eyes, lowers his head, and begins to breathe deeply…

You know, like an actor would while getting into character.

When the father looks back up, his demeanor completely changes. What once was a face of a happy man with a big smile, instantly transforms into one of a man who is experiencing great and unimaginable heartbreak.

This is simply not the actions of a man who lost his daughter the day before. It is the actions of a man playing the role of a father who just lost his daughter.

These events are not just attacks on those deemed to have mental health issues and on the 2nd amendment, however. There has also been a push to divide us racially and by our sexual orientation. This is no different.

As shown before, the assassin in this hoax posted the video and still frames on his twitter. But, that is not the only thing he posted on there. He hinted to Adam going to HR because he was gay and that Alison called him racial slurs. ABC received his 23 page manifesto at around 8:30am. The manifesto said the other false flag hoax, meant to induce racial divide– the NC church shooting– had a great influence on him.

How convenient for those with gun control and race baiting agendas..

I guess the people in power who push this agenda, decided it needed to get ramped up because a hoax involving a white man massacring a church full of black people, along with all the other false flags shown after the killings occured, were not enough to incite a nationwide cry for gun control and/or a race war. So, they increased the level and showed hoax involving a black man murdering white people on a live broadcast.

But again, the facts presented here show that this could not possibly have been real. However, lets pretend for a second we did not have this evidence. There are so many holes, logically speaking, in the official narrative about what transpired at this event.

Flanagan referred to himself as “human powder keg for a while…just waiting to go BOOM!!!!” who repeatedly states what the turning point was where he knew he was going to kill the two former co-workers who bullied him.

“What sent me over the top was the church shooting. And my hollow point bullets have the victims’ initials on them.”

He says that he bought the gun (legally) on 6/19/15, two months before the shooting. So, we are to believe that this man who was a “human powder keg for a while…just waiting to go BOOM!!!!”, who was so infuriated about the other racially charged hoax that he bought a gun and carved the initials of his victims in it in the hollow point rounds, would somehow wait over two months???

Come on, people.

So, this extremely mentally disturbed man who is a ticking time bomb with plans of murderous revenge on live TV, somehow controls himself enough to wait two months to pull it off. However, he is somehow still deranged enough to want to film it even though it is already on live TV, all so he can upload it on twitter.

So… Why did he not film the whole thing?

Why did he not film himself over the bodies?

His film stops, magically, right around the same time as the new station cut away. They have a reason to cut away. Flanagan, on the other hand, did not. He, after all, was a man who hated these “bullies” so much that he put their initials on the hollow point rounds months before. He also wanted to document the event so the world could see his revenge.

But, he stops recording after he fires a few rounds and the “victim” is still running and screaming?

Come on, people. If this man is as deranged as he claimed in the manifesto (which conveniently fits perfectly with the gun control agenda) and is recording it to put on twitter, he would not stop the video there. No way! He would show that he inequitably got the revenge he so longed for.

However, these are just some of the other things in the manifesto that bring the event’s authenticity into question. The things I listed before are facts, showing without a doubt this is a hoax.

This just leaves one question: when are more people going to stop believing everything the media says and actually look into it ourselves?

When this happens, the agenda that the super powerful push will be dead in the water. Conversely, we will continue to fall prey to their agendas until we start looking for ourselves.