There has been a decisive push to mandate vaccines to all Americans without any exemptions. In California, for instance, they passed a bill and quickly signed it into law, which states that the only exemption allowed to enter any public school (daycare through high school) is the medical exemption. Dr. Mercola’s article on the ramifications of this law explains how hard it is to get this exemption, even if you already had a severe adverse reaction to the toxins in a vaccine in the past! Nevertheless, they are pushing these Draconian Laws on us by using the media to push fear down our throats, while claiming there is no science against the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. The website for the documentary “The Greater Good Movie” has collected around two hundred different studies showing these claims are lies and vaccines do, in fact, cause a lot of harm. When this situation seemed like it couldn’t get any worse for those of us that want the freedom to choose what “medical treatments” we receive, since June 19 (about 3 weeks before writing this article) a total of three Doctors that would be described as very outspoken against vaccines who are also “alternative practitioners” have been found dead!

Dr. Jeff Bradstreet

Dr. Bradstreet was the first of the outspoken Doctors found dead on June 19. He became outspoken about the heavy metals and other toxins inside vaccines after his son had an adverse reaction to them after being vaccinated. This lead the doctor to start a clinic that treated kids with autism. One of the methods of treatment was to detox the body of the neurotoxic mercury, which is something that makes sense to any logical person. However, the FDA was not created to promote logic, they were created as gatekeepers for the industries they claim to regulate (something I briefly explained in this article). The FDA’s true purpose as protectors of big business is highlighted by the slaps on the wrist they give companies like Merck for committing multiple counts of  scientific fraud (including ghostwriting full scientific studies). Meanwhile, they have raided several stores and farms (many times at gunpoint) for selling raw milk to people and told a walnut company that if they put the scientific facts about the health benefits of their seeds, they will consider them a new drug and need their approval! These are just a few examples of how the FDA protects the status quo of big business, while going after things that are healthy. So, it is not a surprise to find out that shortly before Dr. Bradstreet’s death the FDA raided his clinic for reasons not yet disclosed. Although, many may speculate it was because he was curing autism by detoxing the heavy metals and other toxins that the FDA and the Medical Establishment say have no relation to the autism epidemic we have today.

Shortly after the raid, a fisherman found Dr. Bradstreet’s body in a river in North Carolina with what the local sheriff’s are calling a self-sustained gunshot wound the chest. The official narrative is the FDA raid disgraced him so much that he committed suicide…

Nothing to see here Folks!

Dr. Bruce Eric Hedendal

Dr. Bruce Eric Hedendal, who was a chiropractic doctor while also receiving his PhD in nutrition from Harvard, was found dead two days after they found Dr. Bradstreet’s body (June 21). The circumstances involving his death are not as suspicious as Dr. Bradstreet’s, but they are a little out of the ordinary. According to reports from those close to himthe 67 year old Doctor was found dead in his car. There was no accident and the car was turned off.

Dr. Teresa Ann Sievers

While police seemingly ruled out foul play in the two previous Florida doctors’ deaths, that is not the case with Dr. Teresa Ann Sievers. She was the third Florida holistic/alternative Doctor found dead within ten days (her body was found on the 29 of June)! It is being reported that the police told near by neighbors that a hammer was the weapon used to kill the doctor. The county sheriff said that the murder was not “random or arbitrary”. In other words, the murder appeared to be premeditated.

So the question is, who had motive to kill her?

If you look at her profile page on her website you will find similarities to the other doctors in this article. The profile page describes her as someone who would definitely ruffle the feathers of those in the “traditional” allopathic medicine model and the pharmaceutical industry. She promoted nutrition over the man-made synthetic pharmaceutical drugs, as Dr. Hedendal did. However, she promoted something else that was even more detrimental to the success of the pharmaceutical industry getting laws passed that require vaccinations. She, like Dr. Bradstreet, was curing disease by detoxing the body of toxins and rebalancing hormones. Hormonal imbalance is one of the known adverse side effects caused by toxins in vaccines.

What are we to make of this…?

The mysterious deaths of three prominent alternative doctors in a span of ten days should not be looked at as three isolated incidents that are just coincidences. With how hard big pharma is pushing to get their mandatory vaccination program started, it cant be. These three would without a doubt stand in the way of it coming to fruition. Out of the three mysterious deaths, only Dr. Hedendal could possibly be considered a coincidence; strange as it may be, that he was found dead in his car while it was not running. Even if his death was by natural causes, you would expect to find the car in a ditch or crashed into something while driving. Although, there is a chance he did die of natural causes, I suspect foul play, considering the odd way he died and the close proximity to the other deaths (as of July 7 I have not found any signs of an autopsy being released).

The other two mentioned are clear murders and suggest a bigger conspiracy may be taking place.

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Dr. Bradstreet (or anyone for that matter) simply would not drive out of state, take a boat onto a river to commit suicide by shooting themselves in the chest. Generally, people that shoot themselves in the chest do so to be able to have an open casket funeral. So, you mean to tell us, this doctor plans out his trip to this out of state river to kill himself because he is disgraced by the FDA raid and presumably would not want his family to find his body. Yet, he shoots himself close enough to the edge of the boat that he falls in, making the open casket no longer possible?? Coincidentally, in the many articles on his death, nowhere do they mention what happened to the boat he was on. If it really was a suicide, then there would have been reports of an unmanned boat floating around during this time. Yet, I could not find any report of it… They did, however find the gun he used at the bottom of the river!

When I first heard about Dr. Sievers murder the first thing that came to my mind was that it was not meant to take place in her house. The Sheriff’s testimony about the evidence suggest that it was planned, yet a hammer seems like a very impromptu choice of a weapon. The neighbors also said they heard screams and loud noises from the house on the day of the murder. This makes me think she fought back to the point that the murderer had to abort his plan of trying make it appear foul play was out of the question (in a similar way to the other two Florida doctors) and ended up grabbing the closest blunt object and bludgeoned her with it.

Both situations wreak of murder…

This is all speculation on my part from what the evidence has lead me to believe. One thing is for sure, three prominent “alternative” doctors that could potentially cost the pharmaceutical industry billions of dollars, have all died in strange and mysterious ways. With the timing of the deaths coinciding with the push for forced vaccination (which gives the industry a lot of motive) these deaths should not be looked at as isolated incidents that are simple coincidences. We must call for an independent investigation into these deaths before more doctors or scientists die after speaking out about the medical and pharmaceutical status quo.