Is there any disease that has affected our society more than cancer?

Most people know at least one person who has fallen victim to cancer.

Many have bought into the claim that the only way to fight this disease is via extremely toxic drugs that kill the immune system. We have all heard the maxim “the cure is worse than the disease.” and the vast majority of people believe this is the only option. They think nothing else can treat this disease besides a toxic cocktail. However, in a recent article, we discuss the long history of natural cancer cures that prove this idea is not factual.

That article focuses on cures from decades past, however, there have been many recent discoveries that have shown amazing ability to completely kill cancer cells. This article will focus on one such newer cure– the Thunder God Vein.

The Ancient Chinese Medical herb called Lei gong teng (Tripterygium wilfordii) or as we call it in the West, Thunder God Vein, has been used in Chinese medicine for a millenia because of its wide variety of benefits. However, it was the claims about its cancer fighting prowess that lead the University of Minnesota’s Masonic Cancer Center to conduct a multi-faceted cancer study on the herb.

The results of the study were astounding to say the least. Ashok Saluja, who was the study leader and is the vice chairman of research at the University of Minnesota’s Masonic Cancer Center states “You could see that every day you looked at those mice, the tumor was decreasing and decreasing, and then just gone.”

The study found that after 40 days, the herb left the mice completely cancer free! This was because of a compound inside Thunder God Vein called  tripotolide. Jun O. Liu, a professor of pharmacology and molecular sciences at Johns Hopkins, explains: “triptolide has been shown to block the growth of all 60 U.S. National Cancer Institute cell lines at very low doses, and even causes some of those cell lines to die.” He believes it is so effective because of its ability to impede the cancer cell’s ability to produce new RNA.

So, great all we have to do is extract the Tripotolide from Thunder God Vein and use the extract in human trails, right?

If only that was how it works.

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The sad truth about the pharmaceutical industry is that their goal is not to find cures for any disease, their goal is to make the most profit (and they are really good at it).  This creates an environment were you need as many return costumers as possible, which makes actually trying to cure anything counter predictive.  In regards to making individual drugs to generate the most profit, the name of the game is getting your drugs patented. You can only patent something if you are the creator of it and it is hard to argue that the pharmaceutical industry is the creator of tripotolide (or any compound found in nature). So, what they do is take the compounds that have curing capabilities like tripotolide and synthesize them. During this process they change the genetic make up or characteristics just enough to be able to say they created a new compound.

In this particular case, they synthesized tripotolide and changed enough of its genetic code to make a new compound that they called minnelide. They are now adding this to chemo treatment and have started trials on this synthetic, slightly different alternative to a natural compound that annihilates cancer  cells.

This process is great for the pharmaceutical industry because it creates a massive amount of money for them while creating return customers; because if we just add minnelide to the extremely toxic chemo cocktail, people’s immune systems will continue to be destroyed by the treatment that is worse than the disease. Not to mention,  history has shown us that when the pharmaceutical industry tries to synthesize compounds that already cure without side effects so they can make money, it always leads to a product with side effects, which is less effective than its natural compound counterpart.

Sure, minnelide might be the execption and not cause side effect while also being effective. However, why not just extract the compound that already works with no side effects? It’s safer and cheaper. Perhaps if more people know, the more people will be helped. Afterall, that’s what we strive for at Unveiling Knowledge.