In response to sanctions imposed on Russia by the US, after Russia annexed Crimea last March, Russia decided to impose their own set of sanctions.

The Moscow Times announced these sanctions in an article yesterday, July 30.

According to the report, individuals can bring food from the west that are for personal use. However, the Kremlin release a decree that all shipments of banned foods must be destroyed by the 6th of August. The decree goes on to say “agricultural goods, raw materials and food originating from a country that has made the decision to introduce economic sanctions against Russian entities and/or individuals, or has joined such a decision, and which are prohibited from being imported into the Russian Federation … are subject to destruction,”

Imposing economic sanctions is a form of economic warfare– an action the US has used for many decades as a way to force other countries to bow down to the will of the western world. This type of economic warfare often leads to outright warfare.

With the US government’s history, it is not at all surprising that after Russia produced their own set of sanctions, as if saying we will not back down or roll over, the US quickly formed even more sanctions of their own.

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Yesterday afternoon, western news outlets started breaking the news about the sanctions, hours after the article from Moscow. ABC News had this to say, “The Treasury Department announced it had placed the names of 26 individuals and entities on blacklists that freeze any assets they may have in U.S. jurisdictions. The blacklists also bar Americans from doing business with them.”

John E. Smith, the director of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control said “Today’s action underscores our resolve to maintain pressure on Russia for violating international law and fueling the conflict in eastern Ukraine,”

What international law is he claiming Russia broke?

The Crimean peninsula was Russian territory from 1783 to 1954 until it was reapportioned to Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, with the break up of the Soviet Republics. The Crimean people ware very much like the Russians in the sense they did not want anything to do with NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). This caused conflict as time went on and Ukraine became more and more west-leaning. The tension was highlighted when Crimea declared itself a NATO free zone in 2009, kicking NATO troops from their land.

Last year, Russia finally stepped in to help their former territory, which at this point consisted of a population that vastly wanted to leave Ukraine and go back to Russia (97% of the populace voted in favor of annexation). The Untied States government uses situations like this to go into other countries all over the world, always depicting themselves as liberators, fighting for the rights of the less fortunate that are under the rule of a tyrannical dictator (no matter how much they have to distort the truth to make these claims). Yet when Russia does it for a former territory of theirs, the US screams foul, claiming they broke international law– which they use as justification to impose economic sanctions on them.

Because, as we all know, the US government has the moral high ground with things like this…