If you look into the sky on any given day, you will see planes with massive trails in tow, It doesn’t seem to matter what part of the world you are in. If you look up, you will see something to this effect. This is something of a new occurrence that started around the turn of the new millennium. Before then, the skies were bluer, with no signs of these big lines that extend the entire skyline. There is a debate over what is making these lines: Contrails or Chemtrails.

Contrails vs. Chemtrails

Contrails are condensed water vapors that come out of plane engines and freeze,  making a trail behind the plane. This happens because at these altitudes, the temperatures are freezing (-40c and below) and the humidity is high, causing the water vapors to  freeze in a thin line behind the planes. However, the heat from the sun generally makes them evaporate rather quickly (under one minute), so they are not seen for very long, making their trails very small.

Chemtrail is the term for the government’s Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering program (modification of the weather ) that uses chemicals sprayed from planes to counter or minimize “man-made” global warming by blocking out the sun. According to every hearing brought in front of the Subcommittee on Energy and Environment, geoengineering (all forms of it) are just proposals for last-ditch efforts to halt “man-made” global warming (something that has been proven wrong causing them to change its name to climate change) and is not operational.

I hope this article will bring to light that the trails we see everyday following behind some of the planes are not contrails, but are the results of the geoengineering program that has been up and running for over a decade.

Visual Proof

A good amount of Chemtrail pictures can be found online due to the fact that more and more people are becoming aware of this. I’ll start with views of  patterns made by planes seen from the ground.

These above, are abnormal flight patterns to say the least, yet many people have argued that there’s nothing strange about this. I, however, find it hard to believe that anyone could see something like this (below) and say it’s normal.


There is no way commercial airlines would take routes that would resemble anything like these!

They can also be seen from space.

If you look closely at the pictures above, you will see two distinct characteristics that contrails can not do, that chemtrails do. First, the trails disperse into the white haze you see throughout the images. It is hard to tell in these but the next group of ground pictures will show this better. Second, a lot of the trails are parallel and make patterns that all end at the same spot and last for dozens, if not hundreds, of miles. This is best illustrated in the aerial images of the South Eastern and Midwest United States, where you can see multiple X-shaped patterns in a row that all end on the same longitude or latitude . The image of Lake Michigan shows trails that stop over the water and start back up farther in the lake. The last picture shows trails around one of the poles- a place that should not have too many commercial flights; so why is there so much traffic there?

As you can see, these pictures above show the chemtrails at different levels of dispersion. They fan out and eventually make thin hazy clouds that can hang around for hours at a time.

The final group of pictures shown are of planes making these trails. There is no way that what is coming out of the planes is water condensation from the engine. Some show that the trails are not even coming from the engine, but are coming from the wing instead!

Other Evidence

There is video evidence of the trails not being simple contrails.

The above video shows the pilot turning off the trail, then turning it back on. Notice how it suddenly comes to a complete stop and reappears at full thickness almost instantly. This is better seen from the video below, which follows a plane across the sky that has continuous spurts of the trail behind it.

The next video captures 4 planes flying in formation with extremely long trails that you can see disperse and form clouds. This is exactly what the proposals for Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering say they want to do!

This next video is by far my favorite because it conclusively shows that the chemtrail program is operational.  It is a collection of clips either from cockpits or out a passenger window of several different planes. The first part of the video shows a FedEx plane almost colliding with not one, but TWO Air Force planes with trails that are obviously not water vapors. They dive lower to avoid the second plane and see a third plane that is flying in formation parallel with the other two. You can hear the pilots talking to the air traffic control personnel who have no clue the planes were there.  Throughout the video, you see more Air Force planes flying very close to each other- all with very long, dense and thick trails.  The most shocking part is at the end of the video where the trails are not even white, they are RED!

The following clip is audio of a conversation with a woman who calls into NASA about the trails. She is speaking to Douglas E Rowland, who admits (after she tells him she is not recording) that what she saw was a chemtrail and explains there are a few kinds of them. However, it should be noted that the kind of chemtrails he admits to them using this day are from rockets not airliners. Nevertheless, it is a high ranking NASA scientist admitting to the existence of a chemtrail program!

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There is far too much evidence that shows the governments Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering program has been fully operational for years. More and more people are starting to wake up to this. This awakening with speed up when more people start taking the time to look up into the sky and watch what is happening. I’m not talking about watching for a few minutes. I’m talking about taking an afternoon to picnic, hike or just sit in your back yard and watch as certain planes have these types of trails behind them, while others do not. Then watch as the trails start to spread and turn into weird clouds or turn the sky into a haze. Maybe you will get lucky and see one of the patterns or formations that are not made by normal commercial routes, or see a plane turn the spray off and on. I have witnessed this and once you do you too will find it hard to brush it off as “normal”.

Now that I have provided (some of) the evidence that the program is active, I will be writing follow-up articles on chemtrails to go into what they are actually spreading and what health damages it causes. I will also show evidence regarding who may be behind this world-wide program..