The Fatal Flaws of Arguing the Risk vs. Reward of Vaccines

When I started down the path of questioning the almighty vaccine, I took a stance that many inside the anti-vaccine movement would call… not so much “anti- vaccine”, just “safe vaccine”. In other words, I was arguing that vaccines were too risky for the rewards I assumed they provided.  Many of you who identify yourself as part …


Is There a Vaccines-Autism Connection?

There are zero links between autism and vaccines; any doctor or scientist that claims otherwise, are simply charlatans, snake oil salesmen, or con artists. Or is that what the FDA, pharmaceutical industry and allopathic medicine as a whole, would like us all to believe? This statement is fundamentally and patently a lie. This is not …


Hawaii’s 5 Mandatory Vaccine Bills

Last year we brought you news of California becoming the first state to try to make laws that would attempt to force vaccinate the population. Sadly,  it did not end with California, many states have jumped on board with the latest being Hawaii, who introduced 5 different bills dealing with forced vaccination. Many of these …


FDA Approves First GMO Animal for Human Consumption

Earlier today (November 19th) the FDA approved the first ever GMO animal for human consumption, the    AquAdvantage Salmon. This particular “animal drug” (as the FDA is terrifyingly classifying it as) has had its genetics manipulated to have it grow faster. Recently,  a few American peer-reviewed journals published studies or scientific papers that questioned the …


Peer-Reviewed Study Ends GMO “Substantial Equivalence” Claim

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has repeatedly claimed GMO crops are safe to consume because of something they call “substantial equivalence”. What this means is the FDA considers GMO crops the same (substantially equivalent) as its organic counterpart because they share basic components (proteins, fats, and carbohydrates). Substantial equivalence allowed GMOs to be put on the “Generally Recognized as Safe” …

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