We have all heard the story of the little boy who cried wolf. The moral of the story is not to lie because if you do, people will not trust you in the future. Conversely, this story also teaches us at an early age to not trust the stories of those that cry wolf.

This is pretty common sense stuff.

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So, why do so many trust organizations or people in positions of power that constantly cry wolf?

The examples of people trusting untrustworthy companies, organizations and governments and the untrustworthy people inside them, is vast.

In fact, this site would not have come to exist if it were not for the fact that a lot people blindly trust the lies from sociopaths who do not care who they hurt as long as they become powerful– or maintain the power they already have gained.

When people like myself bring up how they are once again, crying wolf, they dismiss us out right while often times throwing out ad hominem attacks, such as “crazy conspiracy theorist”. The most frustrating thing about it is that often times, the wolf criers use the same play book to repeatedly crying wolf.

For instance, the US government has repeatedly lied to get us to invade other countries to protect interests of the oligarchic “ruling class” of the west. This practice dates back over 100 years, as seen in Maj, Gen and two-time medal of honor winner, Smedley Butler’s book War is a Racket.

Yet, people still fall for the propaganda from the boy who cried wolf; they also will dismiss any information showing the government is once again making up reasons to go to war — calling them the ravings of a crazy conspiracy theorist.

Then there is Monsanto,  a corporation that I have written about extensively because they are simply evil. After a minute or two of researching this corporation’s history you they can’t possibly be trusted. Literally everything they have created throughout their long history is extremely deadly. Making matters worse, they knew the products were deadly, but conducted studies in a way to make them seem like they were safe!

Yet, people still fall for the propaganda from the boy who cried wolf; they also will dismiss any information about how roundup and GMO’s are dangerous — calling it the ravings of a crazy conspiracy theorist.

The pharmaceutical industry has been caught doing everything imaginable to protect its bottom line, including ghostwriting entire studies. This practice caused 60,000 deaths from Vioxx alone! But don’t worry, they were given a misdemeanor and had to pay 360 million for causing the deaths. I don’t know what is more disgusting, the slap on the wrist of killing 60,000 people or completely making up studies to make the public think their product is safe.

And people still fall for the propaganda from the boy who cried wolf; they also dismiss any information about how vaccines are not safe– calling it the ravings of a crazy conspiracy theorist.

So, I ask you again. Why do otherwise intelligent people, keep falling for the lies of the boy who cried wolf?

I think the answer is 3 fold.

1) For starters, we (in America especially) are programmed and conditioned from a very young age to think of the government as a protecting parent by our schooling. The Department of Education will never allow textbooks to have things in it that makes the government (or the ruling class who runs it from behind the curtain) look bad. It just won’t happen. We will never read how they rounded up Japanese American’s and threw them in internment camps during WWII, in any textbook. If they did, people may start to question the reason for all the FEMA camps currently popping up all over the place.

Additionally, the mainstream media are experts at using propaganda to create whatever reality they want. They can make people believe that a prerecorded and edited clip is live; or make an interview in front of a green screen appear like it’s on location.

Then there is Hollywood… Hollywood is great at predictive programing, which gets you to accept and expect whatever future the ruling class has in store for us. They are also masters of subliminal messaging. Of course, they don’t shy away from the traditional conscious conditioning as well. This is much easier to detect. It also makes me laugh when they do it because it is such clear propaganda that it shocks me how effective it is. Examples of this are when doctors on a show or movie will insult unvaccinated people and claim they spread a disease they don’t even have; or they will use a character depicted as not quite sane– like Phoebe on “Friends” or Kramer on “Seinfeld” — and have them say the government was doing something that sounded crazy… like say… recording our phone conversations or email.

Simply put, we are mind-controlled and conditioned shortly after birth to think a certain way, which is: “the government is your protective parent that will never hurt you”.

2) Americans don’t want to admit that their government is capable of committing truly horrible things. For instance, realizing your government has the composite to commit false flags to get us into wars or to disarm our people, would shatter how many of us see the world. Some people simply will not allow themselves to look into any evidence that would make them question their preexisting world view. This is called Cognitive Dissonance.

3) Finally, we are left with the last reason most people fall for the boy crying wolf so much– the ego. Admitting they have been tricked is not something some people can easily do; especially if it means they put their life or the life of their loved ones in danger (vaccines) while being tricked.

Ultimately, the reason for believing the boy does not matter. Sooner or later, more people need to wake up and stop believing the proverbial little boy who cried wolf. It is the only way we are going to stop the ruling class from doing all the heinous things they get away with. If we do a decent job helping others see the lies the boy is spewing, his days will ultimately be numbered.