By A. Phoenix

Pro-vaccine groups are absolutely correct when they say vaccine science is settled. The Supreme Court ruled in 1986(1) that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe” and created a law that shields vaccine manufacturers from all liability in regards to the injuries caused by vaccines. Otherwise, vaccine makers were going to stop making vaccines. Too many parents suing them over their dead and injured babies, you see. It was too financially risky to keep making vaccines because of all the lawsuits. So, the government removed liability. Problem solved! For the vaccine makers, anyway.

The official text (2) shows on page 4 section 3 of the authorizing legislation: “No vaccine administrator or manufacturer may be made a party to a civil action (other than a civil action which may be brought under paragraph (2)) for damages for a vaccine-related injury or death associated with the administration of a vaccine after October 1, 1988”
This means that no person who is administering or manufacturing vaccines is liable in any way whatsoever for injury or death associated with the vaccine. This liability protection was reaffirmed by the Supreme Court in 2011(3), even if the vaccine design was faulty.

There is a huge push right now to remove your ability to decline vaccines for yourself and your children. The American Medical Association is trying to ensure that ONLY medical exemptions are allowed (4). Medical exemptions are notoriously difficult to get, including if you have experienced a prior vaccine reaction, unless it was a severe allergic reaction to a previous dose (5). Then, a medical exemption appears to only apply to further doses of that particular vaccine, not to all vaccines in general.

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Vaccines are being mandated in ever increasing doses for school, daycare, health care workers, and more. There is an adult vaccination schedule already designed, and once exemptions for kids and healthcare workers are eliminated, they’re coming for YOU next. Including “catch up” vaccines. (6) The number of recommended vaccines is only ever increasing, as evidenced by past vaccine schedules (7).

So we have a situation now where a medical procedure that is “unavoidably unsafe” to the point where manufacturers would no longer make them unless they were shielded from all liability is now being mandated across the population in a one size fits all manner that does not take into account individual susceptibility to adverse reactions. This is tantamount to condemning certain people to death or disability because we have absolutely no screening tests in place to determine if anyone is severely allergic to any vaccines or susceptible to developing any of the long list of side effects mentioned in the vaccine inserts prior to injecting them.

So what makes the lives that will be affected by vaccine injury worth less than the lives of those who would be injured or killed by diseases? If what we care about is protecting lives, shouldn’t the lives of the vaccine susceptible be worth equal weight and consideration as those who are susceptible to death from diseases? Shouldn’t the 100+ people killed by the measles vaccine in the last decade be worth at least as much consideration as the ZERO who died in the United States over the last 10 year time frame(8)? This argument is, in fact, about saving lives… isn’t it?

Or is it about something else? Could it possibly be about the money? Consider in 2000, the vaccine market was a $5billion dollar per year industry globally. In 2013, that figure had risen to $24billion. It is projected to be over $100billion by 2025, according to the World Health Organization(9).

That is a $100 BILLION market with ZERO liability.

Plus, as anyone who has ever experienced a vaccine injury knows, all reported reactions after vaccination are usually deemed “coincidence” by the medical profession (10).  If we pretend it isn’t connected, vaccine injury doesn’t really exist, right?  Vaccine injuries are like unicorns… totally imaginary!  They really just list all the side effects in the vaccine inserts for fun.

Furthermore, there are no guarantees offered with vaccines either. Herd immunity is used to justify the forcing of vaccinations on the population, but it is a marketing term and has never been proven to be associated with vaccines at all (11). In fact, outbreaks are happening in populations where 99% of individuals had been vaccinated on a regular basis (12). If you look in the literature, nowhere is the herd immunity concept guaranteed in any way. No government agency, drug company or medical association says that “we guarantee if XX number of people are vaccinated, the disease will be eradicated and no one will ever catch it again.”

Vaccines are also not guaranteed to be safe or effective in any way. Try getting your doctor to sign a form that says, “We guarantee that this vaccine is perfectly safe for your child, and will induce immunity. Should the patient experience any side effect listed in the manufacturer’s insert or should the patient experience the disease in spite of vaccination, we agree to award XX in damages.” Seriously. Here’s a very well written Guarantee of Vaccine Safety form (13). See if you can get ANY medical professional, health care organization, politician, lobbyist, pharmacist, or anyone at all to sign this form before administering a vaccine or pushing a vaccine mandate.

You see… they can repeat “safe and effective” all they want… but they are absolutely unwilling to put their money where their mouth is. Why is that? Is it perhaps because “safe and effective” is a marketing statement and not a scientific truth after all?

I think, at the very least, that manufacturers should have some kind of liability for the harm caused by their products, especially if they are going to be mandated and offered with no guarantees whatsoever. Don’t you?

We need to immediately stand up for our right to bodily autonomy and reject all vaccine mandates. Furthermore, we need to restore liability to the companies that manufacture vaccines immediately. Here’s a petition to help restore liability to the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture vaccines (14). Please sign and share this widely. Our ability to decide whether or not to inject an unlimited number of vaccines is under direct attack, and YOU should be the only one who decides what goes into your body. Please also sign this petition to eliminate vaccine mandates at a federal level (15).

Remember. The only thing required for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing.

A. Phoenix
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